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The MINDisLIFE logo is a piece of jigsaw puzzle which signifies the ‘final piece of the puzzle that completes the picture’, which is a symbol for our Mind/Imagination.

Journey Thru Life and Mind

MINDisLIFE is a blog by Charles Koh. This website aims to explore the the mind and its capabilities and powers beyond our physical senses.

My interest in the Mind started when I was 18. I discovered for myself after a few experiences that our mind has incredible  power which we can tap into for achieving our goals and desires. Several experiences in amazing synchronicities and goal manifesting made me believe that if events can be shaped by the mind, then it can be repeated again if we knew the mental technique.

Every successful person knows the mind is the critical factor in climbing the ladder of success.You will find blogs and articles regarding many aspects of the Mind which are important to your success:

– How to manifest your goals

– Power of Imagination

– Empowering Mindset and attitude

– How to run your brain

– How to change your thinking

– Beliefs

– Subconscious Mind

– Law of Attraction

You will also get to read my many stories of how I successfully used the methods I have learned over the years, and how to use various techniques in combination to achieve results. Some examples include:

– How I used my mind to attract high paying jobs in the past and how I tripled my income in a few years, in fact many times I increased my income to the exact amount I set in my mind.

– How I sold several real estate using some mental techniques correctly.

– How to use the untapped powers of your mind to achieve goals and solve problems.