Title: Creating Your Personal Reality

Type: Softcover (hardcopy book)

Author: Charles A. Koh

Year released: 2010

In this book Charles Koh explains the art of creating your personal reality. It covers concepts from the most basic to advanced principles and ideas. You will learn how to use your thoughts and emotions to influence your reality and experiences. You will discover how your external world is only a shadow of your internal mental world.

Learn about the ladder of states in your consciousness which you must climb and position yourself in order to actualize your goals.

In the chapter about beliefs, you will learn how your beliefs control the scope of what you manifest in your experience.

The author uses personal experiences, metaphors and analogies to illustrate his concepts.

In the second part of this book, the author shares with the reader 10 Creative Principles for Manifesting that is used by metaphysicians. Discover how you can neutralize your negative and limiting beliefs and thought patterns with these 10 creative mindsets and principles. These are the 10 concepts  and mindsets that turn on the floodgates to your positive thoughts and emotions.

Each principle is presented with accompanying affirmations and daily action steps you can use to demonstrate your grasp of each principle.

Book cover: Violet is a spiritual colour. The cover features 10 birds in flight. Shown a semi transparent they represent the 10 mindsets and principles for manifesting taught in the book.

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Secrets of Manifesting And Creating With Imagination

Type: Ebook manual (instant download as a pdf file)

Author: Charles A. Koh

Year released: 2010

This is the ebook you’ve been waiting for. You will learn the special mental techniques to specifically manifest what you want – all by using your mind and imagination! The book outlines the fundamental principles of mind and manifesting, explaining how it all works. Then it discloses the detail advanced techniques that you can use to:

-how to control your thoughts and imagination

– speed up your manifesting,

– destroy your doubts and negative thoughts,

– reprogram your mind to trigger positive thoughts everytime you think about your goals,

– how to make your imagination solidly real for rapid alignment and manifesting

– learn how to accumulate a high level of Life Energy for your manifesting and mental work -just by using your imagination!

– learn the Ultimate Manifesting Formula

– how to focus your mind and imagination

and much more!

Essentially, this book reveals the ‘secret codes’ in the game we call life. Discover how you can become a powerful creator who can manifest whatever goal you have and achieve the life you desire.

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Manifesting Money

Type: Ebook manual (instant download in pdf format)

Author: Charles A. Koh

Year released: 2012

This ebook is a money workshop that talks all about money and how to attract money into your life. You will learn how to magnetize your consciousness and energy to allow more money in! If you have been a reader of our MIND IS LIFE articles, I’m sure that you already know our mindset and consciousness determines how much money we make each year, and whether we are attracting or repelling money.

This ebook is packed with 12 detailed techniques from simple to advanced.

Get ready to start turning yourself into a money magnet!

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