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The Secret of How To Neutralize a Negative Thought In Your Subconscious Mind

thoughtDear readers!

It’s been a while, after almost 1 year of not updating my website. I hope you have all been doing well and practising what you’ve learned in your own journey. I have been taking time off to take massive action in implementing my own methods – “walking the talk”, I call it. In that space of time I’ve created more success in my life, personal well being, career (promotion and huge payrise) finance (made many successful deals) and relationships.

Let’s start with today’s message to you.

Do you sometimes catch yourself thinking negatively or imagining the worst that could happen? Or you find yourself pondering about problems from the past trying to analyze them or wallowing in self pity? You are not alone, everybody does that quite often. However, if you let the negative thought just be, you can find yourself several hours or days later experiencing that problem you were thinking about in your life. You have just created that negative experience with your negative thought.

In learning to create with your mind, you must know that negative thought cannot create positive outcomes, just like you cannot expect to plant a tomato seed and hope to harvest watermelons.

All negative thoughts must be neutralized with a positive one. What’s the method of doing that?

1. Everytime you catch yourself thinking or imagining a problem or negative thought, you must quickly stop and affirm “that negative thought is cancelled in my mind and cannot exist by the power of this word”. And then replace it with a positive one, such as imagining the solution is already achieved or affirming success.

2. I would take that further by saying we should think positive thoughts about every aspects of our life everyday. And it should be done proactively like planting a seed. Your mind is a creature of habit. The more positive thoughts you think, the more it tends towards thinking positively and creating positive outcomes. Start sowing the seeds of success and happiness in every part of your life – friends, relationships, marriage, career, job, business, health, money and spirituality.

There is a SECRET to all this. I will reveal it to you now. Are you ready?

It is important that your LAST thought on any subject be a positive one. Don’t let a negative thought stay planted in the garden of your subconscious mind, uproot it as soon as you can!

SOMACWI1sCharles Koh is the author of Creating Your Personal Reality (available from and his bestselling ebook  Secret Techniques Of Manifesting With Imagination available from


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Theta Brain Wave Sound

theta3Many readers have been asking me where they could find a theta brain wave sound for meditation. I have just created a new video on youtube that is a sample of the THETA BRAIN WAVE sound. It runs for 10 minutes, so you can use it for your meditation period. Meditation or ‘going into the silence’ with Theta brain waves sound greatly enables you to go really deep akin to sleep.

I cannot stress how important it is to train your mind to go into that deep state. Theta is the state where you enter when you are sleeping at night and dreaming. Alpha state of mind is when you are in between wakefulness and sleep.  Delta is the state when you are in a deep sleep without dream.

The more your practice, the easier you can access that state akin to sleep where your mind is receptive to new suggestions for improving your life and achieving what you want. Deeper states of mind (Alpha, Theta, Delta) are the keys to access and influence your subconscious mind!

IMPORTANT: Please do not listen to this while driving or doing anything physical that requires your attention. ONLY do this when you are alone, undisturbed, during your meditation period.


Please CLICK HERE to listen to the THETA Brain Wave Sound (Listen with earphones on both ears).

If you like more brain waves sound and meditation music, please subscribe to this new Youtube channel: Daily Meditations

Lastly, remember to always imagine the best in every area of your life!


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Many Probable Realities – You Are Already There

probable realitiesWe exist in many versions of realities. Creation is done in the form of Infinite Probabilities. All things are possible in the mind of God because all things already exist (or “co-exist” in another probable reality).

In this infinite universe there co-exist many versions of probable realities, therefore each “new decision” is not really new- it already exist in a probable world and needless to say along with its own probable consequences.

We are shifting between realities all the time. With each thought, decision, intention, word and action, we are travelling in this vast system of infinite possibilities. The freedom and choice is limitless. Our “I am” is truly an unlimited Being that can occupy limitless states that it desires to experience.

What then, is the tool or method that we use unconsciously to shift between realities? That ‘thing’ is none other than our consciousness. Think about it for a moment. What holds you in your current reality? It is your mind. Your mind is made up of your thoughts.

Your beliefs about yourself, about people, about money, about health, about the world, these beliefs that you hold in your mind are determining the conditions you experience. A person who always think thoughts of success will attract success. A person who always think about lost opportunities, lost of wealth, bad luck, will keep on attracting what he continues to think. In short, in your mind, what kind of world do you belief that you live in? That is your mental dwelling place. Your mental dwelling place is aligning you to a probable reality that matches what you believe in.

Yet we are all beings with free will. Spiritually asleep to our limitless freedom, we think in limitation and thus enter into a world of limitation. To be spiritually awake to our limitless freedom, we can choose any mental state to live in and then shift our “I” into an alternate reality(conditions) that we desire.probable realities1

Bear in mind that we do not get teleported into another reality. But from our personal own point of view, when we shift into another probable reality, our conditions around us change naturally. Sometimes gradually, sometimes suddenly.

When I wanted to attract to me an ideal apartment for rent in 2005, I put myself in an ideal apartment that I desired. And I did it all in my mind. I was changing my mental dwelling place. In my imagination, I put myself in an apartment in the city centre, high up above the city, with city views and water views. I told myself that the rent was really affordable. At that time, in my reality I was co-leasing an apartment with a French student.  My share of the rent was $215 per week for my room. Well, I changed my mental dwelling place while physically living in that room. I didn’t even start looking for a new apartment, but it found me.

About 1 month later, one day I was walking in the city and right beside me was a notice stuck to the traffic light for a 2 bedroom apartment in the city center for $400 per week. I figured I could live in one bedroom for $200 per week (cheaper than my current rent) and rent out the other room to another student. I called for an inspection, and the person said she just put up the notice 5 minutes ago. She showed me her apartment – it was in the city centre, on the 34th floor, had views of the city below, had water views, and even mountain views. She said she was renting but decided to break her lease to go back to her country, and she was helping the leasing agent to find new applicants. I was the first to view it, but after a few days, she told me several other people were also applying. Well, I did more specific mental work to secure the apartment. Within 3 weeks, I was living in that apartment.

The Owner of the apartment decided himself not to raise my rent of $400 per week for 3 years. When the market rate was $520 per week, he still refused to increase my rent. One day I asked the Owner why he rented the apartment below market rate to me, he simply said “Well, I like you. I figured you are the type of tenant that I want, you are clean and you don’t throw wild parties. Not like some previous tenants who threw parties and trashed the place and cost me thousands of dollars to fix up. That’s why I refused to raise your rent even when the agent kept recommending me to do so.” 

I did not try to put that thought into his mind. I merely lived in my ideal dwelling place in my imagination, and then things happened naturally. The current tenant decided she wanted to break the lease to return to her own country, and when I got the apartment, the Owner had this idea that I was his ideal tenant and refused to raise the rent.

So which reality do you want to live in? In one probable reality you are already there.

You can choose the conditions that you want, and then imagine it. Do it consistently and regularly, and very soon your vibrations will match up to your ideal reality and bring that reality to you.




Charles Koh is the author of Creating Your Personal Reality (available from and  Secret Techniques Of Manifesting With Imagination.


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The Universe Tests Our Emotional Reactions

good-choice-bad-choicHave you noticed that if you have negative thoughts on certain subjects you will keep attracting similar events to create similar reactions in you? A person who is prone to anger will attract more situations to make him angry. The same goes with other emotions such as fear, hurt, jealousy, etc. It will appear at times that we are being tested on our ability to react, and whether we ‘pass the test’ will determine if we are free from relearning the same lessons again.

It is our reactions to the events of our lives that set our point of attraction. You are tested on a mental and emotional level all of the time. Your “I am” enters a state with each mental-emotional choice.

Let’s visit here a story from Robert Monroe’s book Far Journey. He described how one night he was doing astral projection and he was given a ‘test’ by his consciousness to experience an event. The scenario or event was created for him(in his mind) to experience, and his reaction observed:

“A huge white dog three times the size of our beloved Steamboat has him by the neck, the massive jaws firmly shaking Steamboat back and forth in quick jerks, Steamboat’s body already swinging limply.

(No, no!) I can’t let it happen! Is it really Steamboat? It is! He’s dead, Steamboat’s dead! I’ll kill that big son of a bitch, he’ll never . . .)



A huge white dog three times the size of Steamboat has him by the neck in massive jaws that are swinging Steamboat from side to side, Steamboat hanging limply.
(Steamboat’s dead! Dead! What a tragedy! I’ll miss him, I’ll miss him. Let go, big dog, I can take what’s left and …)



A big white dog much larger than Steamboat has him by the neck and is swinging Steamboat back and forth, Steamboat hanging relaxed, eyes closed.
(Well little fellow, if that’s the way it is, thanks for staying around as long as you did. We had fun together. You gave me a lot of ROTE that will always be a part of me…)

Still in the jaws of the big white dog, Steamboat raises his head slightly, opens one eye, winks at me, and grins.”

From the simulated event above, Robert Monroe was being tested on his emotional reaction. When first confronted with the event, he responded with rage/anger. When retested, he choose to feel depression/hurt/loss. The third time, he became wiser and he chose appreciation, gratitude and release. And he passed the test. The first 2 reactions created an emotional resistance in him, and he had to face the event again until he chose a better reaction. The final respond created a release and allowing things to be.

What frees us from the negative events of the past? It is your own thought reaction and emotional reaction to the event. Go test yourself every now and then. Be mindful of your reactions, especially to events that trigger strong negative emotions or negative thoughts. See if you can choose a better thought that will lead to a better feeling emotion. Once you find the right reaction that doesn’t cause any negative emotion, repeat the empowering thought/emotion while thinking of the event. This is a way to release negative blocks in your subconscious mind.

Charles Koh is the author of Creating Your Personal Reality(available from and Secret Techniques Of Manifesting With Imagination.


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Your Life Is Your Subconscious Mind Turned Inside Out

The conditions you are experiencing in your life now are the contents in your subconscious mind pushed out.

If you could turn your subconscious mind inside out, what do you get? You get reflections that matches your current conditions. Man lives in his subconscious mind, which is his Subjective Reality.

If a man’s subconscious mind believes in Lack, he can only perceive and experience Lack in his outer world. If he is experiencing abundance and wealth, it means his subconscious thoughts are those of abundance and wealth at the moment. The study of New Thought and Metaphysics revealed to us that we can change our conditions by changing our powerful subconscious mind.

The subconscious is our Inner World. Our Outer World is a projection that matches our Internal World. Our physical actions to change our External World are futile, unless we first change our Inner World. Right actions that produce results are actually inspired subconsciously.

The subconscious is power, the conscious is direction. In ancient times, the subconscious is called The Female Aspect, while the conscious is The Male Aspect. The female appears weak, but inwardly she is enduring and powerful. She has the power of influence over the actions of men. The female symbol is water – soft, adapting to its surrounding, yet the ocean and rivers are powerful forces that can submerge the entire world.

The male appears strong, but inwardly he is quick to change his mind and direction. The male symbol is Fire. The male must make his own decision and then slowly persuade and influence the woman into a decision. Likewise, the Conscious Mind must make a new decision to create new thoughts, in order to influence the Subconscious to change. It is said, the male’s drive for power and success is so that he can please the female. The male symbol is fire. Fire is quick to start and spread, but can also be wiped out quickly, especially by water. Fire can heat up water, but it takes persistence and time. Likewise, to influence our subconscious is like the male trying to win over the female. He must do so by gentle persuasion, consistency and persistence.  A man changes his decision quickly, but when a woman is finally influenced, she is slow to change her mind.

There are plenty of symbology for the subconscious mind. The biblical flood is a symbology of the flood of facts. The subconscious (female aspect) which symbol is water, has the power to flood your world with facts. We are submerged by facts (which we call “conditions” or “reality”) once it is set in motion. Once you are in the flood, you can only take inventory of your thoughts, keep the good ones alive in a place with 3 decks (the Ark). The 3 decks are the Spiritual, Psychological and Physical of our Being. Once the flood subsides, you are then able to create your world anew.


About the Author: Charles Koh is the author of the ebook Secret Techniques Of Manifesting With Imagination and also the paperback book Creating Your Personal Reality which is now available from



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Creating A Consciousness of Wealth and Abundance

Your level of wealth all depends on your subconscious thoughts about money. Why are some rich and others poor? Everyone needs money to live. Money is a symbol of material power in this world. Money is not the be-all and end-all of life, but with money comes freedom, choice, time, quality and power in the physical world. Without money we wouldn’t be able to feed ourselves or put a roof over our heads!

There are several things you do that influence your subconscious mind about the topic of money.

Firstly, when you are spending money to buy something, do you feel positive emotions such as gratitude, joy, power, freedom of choice, or do you feel emotions of fear, worry, anxiety, dissatisfaction? Whether you are in the positive emotion category or the negative emotion side will determine your current attraction of money. The greatest repellent of wealth is the thought and emotion of fear. That’s right, fear man’s greatest obstacle to attracting wealth.

Secondly, when some people buy something such as a jacket, will go for the cheapest one. Even if they preferred a more expensive one, they find themselves always going for the cheapest clothing. They find themselves going into the Reject Shop, or the “$2 Shop” most of the time. Believe it or not, this act of always going for cheap sends an indirect message to the subconscious mind. The impression the subconscious is getting is “I can’t afford anything dearer than cheap”. And think, so you must manifest. The subconscious will adjust their financial situation to match according what they believe.

I say step out of your consciousness of lack and fear. Start buying something you really love even if it is a little more expensive, and it should be money spent satisfactorily and with pleasure. Buy something for yourself that tells your subconscious mind “I am worth it. I reward myself. There is abundance in the universe. I’m attracting more money to flow in as I enjoy buying this”. Do you feel how much better and happier this statement makes you feel when you spend money?

Man’s wealth is a mental thing. If you have $20,000 cash in the bank, and suppose you keep telling yourself “I can’t afford this” and “I will buy the cheapest eventhough I like that dearer item”. Believe it or not, if you keep thinking in terms of lack, your subconscious mind will arrange your condition so that even if you have $20,000, it will go out quickly from large unforseen bills, obligations or loss. To say it bluntly, if you are tight, your subconscious will make sure you are right about being tight!

The illustrations above show you why subconscious impressions are so vital to your wealth. Whether you attract or repel money depends on one thing, your subconscious barometer of wealth.

Do you think in terms of Abundance or Lack? Possession or Loss? Right Supply or Competition? These are just 3 pairs of mindsets which you must select carefully in order to manifest wealth or anything you want. Which mindset you choose will determine your current point of attraction of money.

(To learn all the 10 Creative Mindsets to neutralize all your negative root thoughts in order to manifest whatever you want, check out my book Creating Your Personal Reality)

Charles Koh is the creator of Mind Is Life and author of Creating Your Personal Reality (available from and Secret Techniques Of Manifesting With Imagination (an ebook manual available from his website


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The Universal Mind – beyond space and time

The great frontier is not space, it is our mind. Mind is everywhere in the universe, even in space. Mind exists even outside of our space-time continuum. In mind, space and time is not linear. There is no linear progression of time because your mind can imagine the past, present and future as you choose. The reality of time is this eternal now.  You have access to all time and space beyond your physical.

There is a great network of mind, which I call the Universal Mind. This Mind is the cumulation of all the individual minds that exist. We can make contact with this Mind with meditation and mind training, and extract information from it. The information comes as a pure ‘knowing’. Sometimes you have a hunch that something is happening, you don’t know why or how you know it, you just knew. This is an example of connection to the Universal Mind. In reality, we are all part of the Universal Mind. We are not separate from it. But through our individuality, we perceive and think in terms of separation. We think in terms of “you and I”. To connect with Universal Mind, we need to think in terms of inclusion – Oneness.


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A Buddhist Saying That Reflects The Principle Of Oneness

Here’s a prose I read today. It came from a Buddhist author.

You are me and I am you.
It is obvious that we are inter-are.
You cultivate the flower in
yourself so that I will be beautiful.
I transform the garbage in myself so
that you do not have to suffer.
I support you you support me.
I am here to bring you peace
you are here to bring me joy.
– Thich Naht Hanh

To me it is magnificent in the sense that it reflects the understanding of the Law of Oneness. In my book Creating Your Personal Reality – Creative Principles For Manifesting and Fulfilling Your Dreams I covered a chapter on the principle of Oneness. Everyone you know is part of your Mind. They exist in you, and your thoughts about them can affect and influence them. To bless and pray for others is sending them positive thoughts. Good thoughts can bless and influence.


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Burn Your Old Bridges -Old Consciousness Do Not Create New Experiences

Change happens when we move from the old to the new. You cannot create new experiences with the same old consciousness and thoughts that you have. You simply can’t, because it defies mental and spiritual laws. Old thoughts will reproduce the same results. Every thought manifests results that are like itself.

To create a radical new change in your life, you must be willing to burn your bridges behind you in your past, and move forward building new bridges. The old consciousness must be starved and die, so that the new can take place without being neutralized.

“And have put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him:”

The new man is an ancient metaphor for new consciousness. A new man is someone who possesses an entirely different thoughts and mindset, a different consciousness from the old man. It stresses that the new man is renewed in “knowledge” , that is, understanding or consciousness. And our consciousness creates. Just like God’s consciousness is creative, so is ours.

In my book Creating Your Personal Reality, I listed 10 creative mindsets that will create new positive experiences in your life. These are the 10 mindsets that will help you become a successful deliberate creator to manifest what you want in your life. By deliberately using these 10 mindsets, you are neutralizing all the root negative beliefs.

Are there old negative and limiting thoughts and beliefs that you need to get rid of from your consciousness? Be assured that once you have neutralized them and replace them with new thoughts, your experience and circumstances will change quickly. It is our limiting beliefs that is holding us in conditions that we do not like. And we have to change them.

The bridges that we talk about are mental. If you revisit the old bridges you return to the old states. So burn the old bridges, abandon them, and build new bridges that will bring you to your new promised land.



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The Art of Mental Influence – real case examples

What exactly is mental influence? It is influencing someone with your thoughts.

There is a secret technique for mental influence. Not many people in this world know how to use it. ” So how does it work?”, you may ask. You can think a thought and the other person would be influenced by it and act according to it.

For example, I wanted to release myself from a rental lease contract this month. But according to the contract I had signed, I was bound by the lease conditions until the lease expires in 6 months. According to the lease, if the tenant breaks the lease, he or she is liable to pay up to 6 weeks of rent to the Owner. It was only 3 days after moving in, and I wanted to terminate the lease because the apartment had a pest problem.

And not only that, I wanted to be released from the contract without any penalties financially. I asked the agent and he said it was impossible for me to break the lease without paying a penalty as stated in the contract. I then contacted the Landlord and told him the situation, but he too asked me to forfeit my prepaid rent if I want to break the lease.

But before I slept, I sent the Landlord a suggestion to allow me to break the lease without any penalties. The next morning, he called me and said he was allowing me to break the lease without any penalties. His only condition was that I have to stay in the apartment until he finds a new tenant to replace me. I accepted his offer, as he suggested that it shouldn’t take too long for the agent to find someone as a replacement.

But 2 days later, with no news from the agent, I decided I would leave the place at the end of the week on a Sunday. I created a scene of me telling him that I wanted to leave on Sunday disregarding whether he finds someone else or not. The next day, which is today, he sent me an email telling me exactly what I wanted him to say. He said the agent has reported to him that it may take a few weeks to find another tenant, and the landlord thought to himself it would be fair for me to leave this weekend on Sunday (exactly the day that I mentally influenced him). There will be no penalties, no forfeiting of rent. Nothing. He was willing to let me walk free. I didn’t tell him in the Outer Reality, but he got the message that I told him in the Inner Reality.

In my book Creating Your Personal Reality, I described this method in the Chapter called “Oneness”. There is no separation in Mind. Your subconscious mind is interlinked with the subconscious mind of everyone in this world.

In another instance back in 2005, I used this method to mentally influence a tenant of mine. I posted an advertisement to rent out a spare room in my apartment and a university student applied for it. He came for an inspection and said he liked the apartment very much. I was asking for $215 per week, but he bargained for $200, as he offered to share the utility bills with me. I reluctantly agreed, because I wanted to avoid vacancies. We agreed to sign a lease within a few days after I had typed up the lease and for him to prepare a deposit and rent payment.

Within that period, I used the same method to mentally influence him that he should pay $215 instead of $200. I didn’t know I was mentally influencing him. but I had this strong intent to tell him that. In fact, I made up my mind to re-negotiate with him the next time I meet him to sign the lease. On that evening, I met him in the city. The first words that came out from his mouth were “Charlie, remember I said I wanted to pay $200? Do you mind if I pay you $215 instead?”

Amazed by his statement, I asked him what changed his mind? For I hadn’t said a single word about that.

He said, “I spoke with my mum over the phone, and she told me it’s better for me to pay you what you asked for, to have the utility bills included in the rent”. With that, he willingly signed the contract which I typed up and I gave him the keys.

When you do mental influence correctly and if the other person catches the thoughts you are sending them, they will comply accordingly. Not only that, they will think it is their own idea.

Every thought that you think is casting a spell on those around you. If you learn the right technique to do it deliberately, you can control this faculty of mind.


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