Disregard the ‘how’ when manifesting

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Many intelligent and analytical people find that manifesting is a difficult task for them. They report that firstly it is extremely hard for them to imagine that their desire is already fulfilled when they are faced with concrete facts that show the opposite. Secondly, for them, their analytical mind likes to know “how this can be achieved”, which is a stumbling block in manifesting work.

Manifesting work requires only IMAGINATION, BELIEF and FEELING.

Note that analysis and reasoning play no part in it. Trying to reason something which is not there only creates more doubt. And doubt is the thing that neutralizes our faith. When we keep switching between doubt and faith, we become the ‘Double Minded Man’. The double minded man affirms “I feel happy that I have XYZ” (feels good for a while), but he immediately counteracts it with “but there is no opportunity anywhere”(feels discouraged), “it is very difficult, almost impossible” (feels disappointed), “past experience shows that I am never that lucky”(feels hurt), “I’m too old” (lack of self appreciation) and “there is obstruction” (feeling stuck). All these reasonings pulls him to a low emotional state which perpetuates his present sense of lack.

“Let not the double minded man think that he can receive anything from the Lord(Consciousness). He is a double minded man, unstable in all his ways” (James 1:8)

The secret to manifesting is to be fixed in what you want, and persevere in imagining, thinking, appreciating, believing, and feeling it, until it becomes saturated in your subconscious mind. That is, until your subconscious mind believe “this is reality”.

So for the analytical man, my advise is to frequently imagine the outcome that you want, feel it as reality, feel how wonderful it would be if it were true, but pay no heed to how it is to come about. You will need to find a phrase that you can repeat when you catch yourself about to reason. Pick a phrase such as “I don’t have to figure out how, it is being done by the Universe and Creative Mind, a power greater than me”. And you repeat your imagination or affirmation, and just guard yourself to prevent yourself from reasoning. And you gradually build up your belief and positive feeling.

Once, I was trying to sell a plot of land and I needed to sell it before the month ended. For months I was affirming “they are sold”, but my reasoning mind kept interrupting with thoughts like “but the market is really bad now” and “I have received not a single enquiry”. One morning, I got so fed up of reasoning and I affirmed “they are sold in a perfect way! It is not my business of finding out how, the Universe is selling it for me now!”.  During the course of the day, whenever I find myself wanting to reason it out, I affirmed something to the effect of “The ‘how’ is not my responsibility. I let Infinite Intelligence handle it. It is sold”. By late afternoon, I felt like a huge heavy burden was lifted from my chest (that heavy feeling is the resistance of doubt and faith which wears us out). I was feeling a rush of joy, to the point of ecstasy. I walked home from work, feeling that tingling rush of energy, a happy feeling in my heart, and knowing something is going to happen. I arrived home, sat on the floor of my room just to feel that joyous sensation in my heart, waiting for the phone to ring. And within a short while the phone rang! One of the real estate agents said he had someone put an offer on the land! And it was sold that day.

Therefore, if you want to manifest something, gradually build it up by applying mental discipline. Reason not, and doubt not. Learn to believe.

Charles Koh is the author of Creating Your Personal Reality(available from amazon.com) and Secret Techniques Of Manifesting With Imagination(an ebook manual available from his website www.mindislife.com.)


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