Each State Is Like A Room

• January 20, 2011 • Comments (0)

We all fall into States. Every circumstance and situation we encounter is a reflection of a psychological state of consciousness. Most of the time, we do not know how we fall into a state.

We believe certain things, think along a certain line, and the thought gets reinforced and emotionalized, and boom we find ourselves in a state.

Outer events change to reflect the state of consciousness.

Each state is just like a room. It is a room without a doorway. We cannot consciously determine HOW our goal will come to pass. We in our conscious logical level do not know how. The ways and means are beyond us. I only know that if you want to be in a state, you have to persist in imagining the state, doing your mental work to align yourself emotionally and psychologically with it, then very soon you will find yourself in a state.

Symbolically, you are in a room, but you did not plan exactly how you entered the room. But you find yourself in a room, and how you got in, you cannot believe it. It could have happened with the most amazing turn of everyday events, it seemed almost natural. But it was miraculous. The past you could never have planned each step that led you into the room. But you now find yourself surrounded by the walls of the room.

For example, last year when I used a technique of imagining that I was driving the car that I always wanted to have, within 1 week things unfold for me to be in possession of such a car. I did not plan each step leading to it. I imagined it, and I was carried along in a flow of events that led me to it. Then I found myself surrounded by the facts that proclaim I have my dream car now.

To learn how you can get yourself into a state that you want, check out my Secret Techniques For Manifesting With Imagination. You will learn various advanced techniques that will put you into a state. If you do these techniques properly and diligently, you will soon find yourself surrounded by the reality of your goal, as fact.


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