Life Energy (Qi) and The Law Of Attraction for Manifesting

• January 25, 2012 • Comments (0)

A lot of students on the Law of Attraction believe that all they have to do is to think good thoughts, and their life will turn good accordingly. Although that is true for the most part, they have forgotten the other aspect of the Law of Attraction. It is Life Energy.

I maintain that everything is Mind Energy.The pure rays of thought, if not imbued with life energy, does not carry the force to achieve its outcomes. As an analogy, It is great to have a powerful car and know where you want to go, but without petrol, the car is very much useless.

In ancient China, they stated that Qi, which is Life Energy, is the force that permeates everything in this world. Qi is the force of Life itself.

Life Energy is the juice of life. Since the Law of Attraction is a law of vibration, we must understand that vibration is all about energy. You will realize from experience, that your thoughts can manifest much faster and effortlessly when you the Operator is filled with Life Energy.

In fact, we have all experienced that when we are enervated and exhausted, it is very hard to think positive thoughts. In the Huna traditions, it is well known that when a person is low in Mana(Life Energy), he or she is vulnerable to negative thoughts and outside forces. In this regard, Life Energy also act as a energy shield around our energy bodies, first as a means of protection, and secondly to preserve our Power of Individuality.

Your power to influence is also dependant largely on your level of Life Energy. The people who have great influence over others are often claimed to have a strong magnetism and charm about them.

I recommend students to practise any form of energy accumulation practises. You can learn Qigong (Chi gong), Taichi, Reiki, Energy Healing, or Pranayama. Life energy accumulation is not limited only to physical energy practises. It can also be accumulated mentally by means of affirmation, suggestion, imagination and belief.

In my ebook Secret Techniques For Manifesting with Imagination, I taught a special method of accumulating life energy using your mind and imagination. Using this method, you can by using your imagination refill yourself with life energy. This method establishes a mental contact with Life Energy, as it conveys to your consciousness and subconscious mind the intent of accumulating life energy.


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