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Attracting and Magnetizing Wealth For An Abundant Life

by Charles Koh

Learn the secrets of using your consciousness to attract money and wealth into your life. With the lessons and 12 techniques that you will learn from this ebook, you will be able to turn your consciousness into a money magnet!

This ebook is a money workshop that talks all about attracting money!

Are you merely making a living or living a life of abundance? Everybody wants to have more money. And you can do it by changing the way you think, because Consciousness Creates Reality.

Not only that, think of the things you can do when you have the money you want! The freedom, the ability to choose what you really want, a great home that you can call your own, your dream car, take holidays to explore the world, the ability to share with your loved ones, less worry, ability to contribute and still enjoy your life and so much more. Money is freedom.

And now you can learn exactly how to manifest money using your mind with this ebook! It is jam packed with 12 mental techniques that you can use to attract money.

In this ebook you will:

-Learn why the little things do matter when it comes to money attraction! Your everyday habitual thoughts in our minds about money are repelling and attracting money from you (and I’ll show you how to fix them!)

-Discover why the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. It’s partly psychological, but there’s also a metaphysical reason!

-Learn how to dismantle your mental wealth blocks that are obstructing your ability to attract money. Just one single negative belief about money and your association with money is all you need to push money away from you! And most of us have many! You will learn how to do a Mental House Cleaning for your consciousness

-Discover how your emotions about money are attracting or repelling money from you right now, and how you can control your emotions about money

– You will learn about the common beliefs about money, how people create complexes about money and how to resolve them

– Learn how you can reprogram your internal thermostat that determines your yearly income. Have you set yourself to ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ or ‘lukewarm’ when it comes to allowing money into your life?

– Learn how to soften your resistance towards money and allow more money into your life

-Learn about the Magic Wallet Method

-How to use Life Energy to help you magnify and speed up your attraction of money. This will increase the magnetic force of your new positive thoughts and feelings about money that you want to install in your consciousness!

-Learn to use a simple mental exercise that will leave your mind with positive thoughts about money

-Learn the 2 powerful mental techniques that you can use to reverse financial losses in the past

-Use visualization to fill yourself with the energy of prosperity and wealth

-Find out the detailed steps to use your imagination to attract money

-You will learn a total of 12 specific mental techniques for attracting money, ranging from simple to advance, in this ebook.

and lots more!

You could read many self improvement books and still would not learn all these specific advanced techniques for manifesting money in such concise details and clarity. In this ebook you will learn 12 specific mental and emotional techniques in detail. You will also learn what attracting wealth is all about and how you can manifest. Most of all they have worked for me as I back them up with some of my personal experiences of how I apply them and tell you what happened in the book.

What is the aim of this book? The aim is to manifest, attract and create a state of wealth and abundance by having the right consciousness to achieve it. This book is designed so that if you were to do the exercises taught in it, you will be able to dissolve your resistance of money and start allowing money into your life. Once those internal conflicts about money have been cleared out, you will be able to think and feel positive and wonderful everytime you think about money. Then your positive thoughts and visualizations and goals will be achieved

I have spent more than 17 years learning, experimenting, formulating and refining these techniques. You will get this manual filled with special advanced techniques to manifest your desires.

That’s right, INVEST IN YOUR BIGGEST ASSET – YOUR MIND. For an investment of $39.90 which is less than a tank of petrol for your car, or the cost of a dinner with friends, you can learn all the secret techniques in the ebook that will change your life forever! These took me more than 17 years to learn, discover, formulate and refine. Furthermore, consider the abundance and financial returns you will attract to you after you learn the special techniques in this ebook.

To put the price in perspective, think about this – if you buy a normal book on law of attraction and money for $20 from, the main message you get from those books is the usual “yes, your mindset determines your wealth. Think positive!” and that’s it, BUT they don’t teach you any of these specific mental techniques! Well with my MANIFESTING MONEY ebook, you get a MANUAL that tells you the step by step of each technique! These are techniques you can apply in your own life to manifest the things and experiences you want to achieve! And you can start applying them right now.

“This book is exactly what the world needs today!  Contained in the pages of this concise & easy book are the basic and fundamental laws that not everyone is aware of.  This book is a small investment that has real value which can be life changing to those who practice and hone these straightforward  and uncomplicated methods. The book is concise and to the point.  At the same time the author is giving the reader the fundamental tools required to put one on the path of monetary fulfillment. ” – Tino Barbati

Order your copy now ! 

When you invest in your mind, you will always improve yourself. You will always end up better than before you learned it. The techniques you learn here will serve you for the rest of your life.

These secret mental techniques work! I’m convinced that if you diligently follow what is taught in my ebook, you will see changes in your life. If they have worked for me and other people, it must work for you if you would actually take action to do it.

The fulfillment of your dreams are waiting for you! It is up to YOU to reach up to it.

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