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For my students who wish to train their mind to be able to go into deeper level of concentration and meditation in order to manifest, I recommend the ARVARI Remote Influence (RI) cds. This course will train your brainwaves to help you be awake in Delta an Theta state of minds. The delta and theta states of mind are the deeper states that we drift into during sleep, and thus they provide the best window of time to change our subconscious thoughts and to start the process of manifesting our goals and desires.
Here are some testimonials by students of the Remote Influencing (RI) course to ARVARI:

Morton Glazera  sent us on August 02, 2006 his very interesting experience of the the Remote Viewing/Influencing Combo course’s ability to teach anyone how to tap the Infinite Power within to influence thought and our Holographic Light/Universe. Case in point:  healing, reshaping, or rejuvenating any biological process.


  • Improving Cerebral Palsy

  • Rapid Healing of friends’ ailment such as kidney stones, chronic pain, bad backs, migraine headaches etc..

  • Making people loose weight by reshaping their physiology and morphogenic fields.

  • Changing the physiological cup size of his girlfriend’s breasts.

  • Experiencing Astral Projection and the Eternal Flame of Light within

Dear Gerald,

I want your students to know about the healing capabilities of your Remote Influencing course.  Specifically, what can be done with tape 6.
With this tape, I have healed dozens of people, some of the most notable healings being:

Cerebral Palsy

I’ve been telling you about my cousin for a while (he has cerebral palsy, and is in a wheelchair).  I’ve been working on him again, and there has been progress.  His hand is still improving, and his legs (both paralyzed) have feeling in them.  His feet are almost straight (before they were pointing in opposite directions, and were useless).  He has full
movement in his toes, which before were gnarled and twisted together.  He told me that his legs “have feeling in them, and I can almost feel the blood pumping through them”.  They are also more limber, and he can move his legs more.  I’ll tell you what;  when he can walk, whenever that is, I will have him send you an email himself.  Or call you, for that matter.  He now believes that he will walk one day, and I continue to use RI to help him.

Removing kidney stones.

  A friend was in terrible pain, and couldn’t get out of bed.  He was not far from going to the hospital.  This was a grown man, and he was in tears for two days.  I used tape 6 on him.  I did as you instructed, I formed the energy body and from there I saw myself as him, seeing through his eyes and thinking with his voice.  I visualized bright gold light, and thought with his voice, saying “the pain is gone!  I don’t feel any pain!  It’s over!  Thank God, the pain is gone!”  The next day, he was out of bed, talking about how much better he felt.  He was feeling no pain whatsoever.  Two days later, he went to the doctor just to be certain.  The doctor told him that there was nothing wrong with him at all, and that he couldn’t tell that there were ever any kidney stones at all.

People with chronic pain can be fixed effortlessly.

 Using the same technique, just think with their voice, “I don’t feel any more pain!”  Put emotion in with it.  This works for arthritis, bad back, migraine headaches, whatever you want to use it for.

Weight problem

Here’s another fun one.  Find somebody with a weight problem.  Use tape 6, and with the same method, think for them, “I am losing weight!  The fat is melting away!  This is amazing!  I am really losing weight!”  Then sit back and enjoy the show.

I have not been able to defeat cancer, but I have drastically reduced it, up to 80%.  I am sure that with enough practice I will be able to clear it all out.
Congratulations, Gerald.  You may be helping to make medicine obsolete.

Astral projection, seeing the One EYE, experiencing the ETERNAL Flame, the Infinite White Light

I want you to know also about what I have done with tape 7 of the RI course.
This exercise causes out of body travel, or astral projection.  For two months, I worked with tape 7A about five times a week.  I didn’t get any results for a long time, but I kept up with it.  Finally, toward the end of the tape, I fell asleep.  At least, I thought that I did.
Then I saw my leg jerking around and I couldn’t feel it.  The room was dark, but it was somehow illuminated.  Then, I had a real astral projection.  I saw clouds everywhere, but they were not really white.  They had soft touches of red, purple, blue, yellow, and so on.  The clouds were dissolving and changing shape very quickly.
I have had a few where everything is foggy looking, but then I see a swirl of colors and shape, and I see things that I could never have imagined.  Colors and shapes that are more brilliant than anything I have ever seen in my life.  Everything has a grid pattern, with colors everywhere.  Sometimes there are eyes in the grid.  I have seen a golden triangle with an eye in the center in this place.  These are the most intense experiences I have ever had.
After working with tape 7 for two months, tape 5 becomes easier.  After the Eternal Flame exercise starting working for me, tape 5 did also.  When I got to the end of the first side of the tape, I got to the part where you turn off a switch.  This time, when I turned the switch, I saw an incredible flash of white light and felt nothing.  Then I got a real experience with the other side of the tape.
Thank you very much for making this course available to anyone.  I can’t thank you enough.

Breasts enlargement

I HAVE SOME MORE AWESOME NEWS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll start at the beginning. This girlfriend of mine,  had some ailments before she met me. She had migraine headaches every day….well, they are completely gone now. She would wake up and vomit every morning…… that’s gone too. She had very oily skin and she thought that she had a bad complexion. Well, now she can’t get over how beautiful her skin is.

Now get ready for this:  I MADE HER BREASTS ALMOST DOUBLE IN SIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear to God, I did this. After all of these ailments were disappearing, she started asking me if I could make her bust size bigger. I wasn’t sure I could do it. But, on Tuesday, she kept whining about how she doesn’t like her breasts and wished that they would be bigger. I told her, “fine, I’ll do it. I’m tired of hearing you run yourself down.” I didn’t talk to her the next day. I waited until I knew she was asleep, and used the exercise on RI tape 6A. I saw her body as a golden shape, except with prominent breasts. I filled her with thoughts and laughter, like “Oh my God! My breasts are BIG! This is AMAZING!!” I kept on for a couple of minutes until I knew for sure it had all gotten through. Thursday, I called her. She sounded shaky and nervous. The first thing she said to me was: “Morton, did you do something to me?” She sounded like she was freaked out. I said, “I guess your breasts have gotten bigger, huh?” She was in shock, stuttering, talking about how it is probably a coincidence. I said, “Since when do breasts just grow like that?” I think the shock of the whole thing is really setting in. I have never done anything like this before. She said that she will be totally convinced if I can get a whole cup size increase. I told her to sit back and watch me work. I’ll wait a week and do the procedure again. I just thought you would like to know this. It looks like you may be helping put plastic surgery out of business as well!! If we ever meet in person, I owe you a steak dinner!!!!

Your friend, Morton


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