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How To Manifest Your Goals Using The Power Of Your Mind


Here’s The True Secret Techniques Of The Manifestation And How You Can Put It To Work For YOU to create what you want.

An advanced manual for manifesting!

Never miss your goals and desires again! Fulfill them!

Learn The Secret Advanced Techniques To Create and Manifest With Your Imagination!

Your Mind And Imagination Creates Your Experiences. You can control your world from within.

Have you ever wanted something but think you could never attain it? Do you think success belong to those who are born rich, lucky, good looking, or advantageous in some ways?  No, it is all in your mind, your consciousness and your energy vibration! And the good news is, you can discover the real secrets of how to tune your consciousness to attract and attain the goals you want!

Learn the Secrets of Creating And Controlling Your Own Fate, Luck and Destiny! You will learn how to mentally influence whoever is necessary to achieve your goals, even if you don’t know who that person is!

Learn How To Be Able To Achieve Your Goals By Using Your Mind And Imagination. Here’s what one of our readers said about this ebook:

“What an inspirational and uplifting book! This book has changed the way I think and feel but most of all, it make me realise that my dreams are achievable. These techniques has restored my self confidence and given me a practical tool to channel my thoughts into positive results. I truly feel stronger, happier and totally in charge of my life now! Thank you.” – L. M., London, U.K.

And Andrew M. from Sydney, Australia sent us a testimonial for ‘Secret Techniques For Manifesting And Creating With Imagination’ on November 16 2011: 

“Hi Charlie just wanted to say that I think your book is one of the best books on Law of Attraction. I’ve been aware of the subject of Law of Attraction since around early 2000, long before the Secret movie came out. I’ve explored so many different works of different authors. I found that very often, writers and coaches of the Law of Attraction discuss how the theory should work, but they do not provide concrete examples how it would happen in real life. Your book is different. It’s how you provide genuine and clear examples that makes your work stand out from the rest. These examples have tremendously helped me in my personal exploration on the subject. Thank you ! “- Andrew M., Sydney, Australia.

These advanced techniques can be learned and self-trained so that you can do it anywhere and anytime and produce incredible results! These are the advance techniques I used, for example to:

– Get my dream car, A Mercedes in silver/grey colour, at a huge discount. I got exactly that within 1 week of successfully incorporating it into my imagination vividly.

– Get the perfect rental apartment with magnificent views, at lower than market rent! The old tenants decided to break their lease and asked me to take over their lease. Then the Owner reduced the rent below market price to entice me to stay longer, and he did it for his own reasons that fulfilled what I wanted! These may seem like coincidences but they are actually the results of what I had imagined a month before!

– More than triple my income, and lots more!

In the past I have also used it to get several jobs that I wanted ( and be offered the exact pay that I condition in my mind – I often show my friends my written desired salary and how the salary offered to me in the new job matches exactly), attract tenants to my rental properties, sell 3 parcels of land in a tight time frame, starting a lucrative ebay business with nearly 400% profit.

And now, you can learn these secret advanced techniques too! Your subconscious mind can achieve tremendous things if you know how to instruct it and recondition it.

The Secret Techniques Of Creating With Imagination blends the latest advances in mind research, creative imagination, human potential, quantum physics, psychology and neurobiology, and New Thought philosophy to produce powerful techniques that you can use to create anything you want and achieve your goals.  You will be given the secret knowledge that few people on this planet know- secrets that can turn any dream into reality.  These manifestation techniques are the best you will ever find.

This course includes 12 powerful Secret Advanced Techniques that guides you to control your thoughts and consciousness to manifest your desires. These powerful methods teach you to rediscover your wonderful powers within and learn how to use them to influence your reality to be surrounded by serenity, prosperity, health, and happiness.

You will learn a missing key that most self-help or law of attraction books fail to tell you. After you learn that missing link, you can easily make your imagination manifest at will.

Discover how I used my imagination to manifest the ideal apartment for rent many years ago. The apartment I attracted had all the things I wanted in my wish list, and I was guided at each step to open up the way for me to get the apartment. The wish list included view of the city, view of the sea, view of the parks, located in a city central location, and below market price. The apartment I got 1 month later had everything in my wish list! I had view of the city from the western windows, and view of the parks and sea in the distance from my eastern windows. Rent was below market rate, because the owner refused to raise the rent even after the rental agent recommended him to raise it several times. He willingly fixed the rent for me for several years even without me asking for it, and he thinks the idea originated from him – but I had imagined getting an apartment at unreasonably low rent just 1 month before I got that apartment.

Discover how the author uses his imagination to secure himself an ideal job by using a special technique, and within a few days he was offered the job with the exact pay he accepted in his mind! And he has done this  4 times from 2005 to 2010!

Know that you can use this power of imagination to manifest things such as romantic love, relationships, money, physical possessions, and success!

By now, You must know that if you’re not living your dreams, then there’s something missing in your mental technique! All the other books by other authors telling you that you need to have faith, that you need to visualize, that’s all very nice, but it is not enough. You need the right techniques! You will find them in this ebook.
Learn how to use your imagination to tap into the law of attraction to create what you want, deliberately with imagination.

  • Discover how you can control your luck, fate and destiny.
  • Learn how to rapidly enter a deep state of mind for manifesting and then tap into the quantum soup of all future probabilities and choose the ones you really desire to improve all facets of your life
  • Learn how to control your thoughts and imagination. If you cannot control your thoughts and if you do not know the secret of imagining, then you are not tapping into your real creative potential!
  • Learn the easiest method to Create With Your Imagination! The technique is so simple to use because the author has put in all the elements to stop your doubts and negative thoughts from neutralizing your desired outcome. When you learn this technique you do not need to fear your negative thoughts anymore. In fact, it will pull your desired outcome to you even faster.
  • Using your imagination to energize your body and will it with life energy.
  • How to train your mind to enter a deeper state that is very receptive to your commands that make your subconscious mind manifest the result you want quickly.
  • Learn a secret method to make your imagination so vividly solid that will speed up the manifestation
  • Know that you are always protected: and project a contagious positive attitude
  • Improve your financial situation, work, and personal relationships
  • Learn how to influence others mentally to help you get the result you want
  • Discover how to stop and rub off your negative thoughts, and also to avoid them altogether by pre-programming  your mind!
  • Find out a special way to revise your past negative thoughts and not let them affect you anymore! Revising your past thoughts will also neutralize the conditions that your past negative thoughts are manifesting.
  • Easily make your dreams and desires come true!

You could read 100 self improvement books and still would not learn all these specific advanced techniques for manifesting in such detail and insight. Most of all they have worked for me as I back them up with my personal experiences of how I apply them and tell you what happened in the book.

I spent more than 15 years learning, experimenting, formulating and refining these techniques in my own life journey. You will get this manual filled with special advanced techniques to manifest your desires.

That’s right, INVEST IN YOUR BIGGEST ASSET – YOUR MIND. For an investment of $39.95 which is less than a tank of petrol for your car, or the cost of a dinner with friends, you can learn all the secret techniques in the ebook that will change your life forever! These techniques took me more than 15 years to learn, discover, formulate and refine. Furthermore, consider the abundance and financial returns you will attract to you after you learn the special techniques in this ebook.

To put the price in perspective, think about this – if you buy a normal book on law of attraction for $20 from, the main message you get from those books is the usual “your thoughts create your reality” and that’s it, BUT they don’t teach you any of these specific techniques! Well with my Secrets Of Manifesting And Creating With Imagination ebook, you get a MANUAL that tells you the step by step of each technique, with real life case examples! These are techniques you can apply in your own life to manifest the things and experiences you want to achieve!

So you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain from ordering this ebook and learning these techniques of manifesting with your mind and imagination. This is for sure, because when you invest in your mind, you can never lose. You will always end up better than before you learned it. The techniques you learn here will serve you for the rest of your life.

These secret mental techniques work! I’m convinced that if you diligently follow what is taught in my ebook, you will see changes in your life. If they have worked for me and other people, it must work for you if you would actually take action to do it.

The fulfillment of your dreams are waiting for you! It is up to YOU to reach up to it.


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