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Manifesting A Dream Car Using Mind Power

It is incredible, but it is true. I will relate to you another instance how imagination is used to manifest what you want. Early last week, I was thinking about buying my dream car, a Mercedes C class. I imagined I was driving it, and used the speed up method as I described in my book. Frankly its been my dream car for years, but I didn’t use my mind power to attract one to me. I didn’t know how I was going to afford one, as everytime I thought about the car in the past, I would tell myself it’s out of my price range. But here I was, imagining I have the car and that it was mine. Then I forgot all about it.

Come Saturday, I was at lunch with my sister and mum, and I suddenly had this idea we should go check out the Mercedes Benz showroom. I had no intention to really buy one, because I didn’t have all the funds. I just wanted to admire the cars in the showroom.

While looking at different cars in the showroom, the salesperson came to talk about the features of the car. We were looking at the CLC, which is a sports coupe version of the C-class. As I was sitting in it, she suddenly said that all the CLC demo cars were on special promotion, and this is the final week of the promotion. She named a figure and it was indeed surprisingly low priced for a luxury car. They were discounting the normal price by 25%. It would include the car, the registration, the stamp duty and also the first year’s insurance. This made the car within my affordability range!

So I asked if they had silver or grey colour, and the salesperson said no. She said over the past 2 weekends these have been selling like hot cakes. They have sold 20 of them, and the only ones left were 2 black ones with sunroof, and a grey one without a sun roof. I was there for a long time, considering how I liked grey or silver with a sunroof, but all they had were black with sunroof. As their office was closing, I booked a black one with sunroof as it was the 2nd last one available, thinking actually black didn’t look too bad after all. Well they said the car will arrive next week. It will be a new car, but they will sell it at the same price as the demo. This new batch was meant to be demo cars, but because I book them before they arrive, I get them as brand new.

Then last night, as I was thinking about my new car, I deliberately imagined it was a silver one, instead of black.

This morning, guess what happened?! As I was getting dressed to go to work, I received a sms from the salesperson. She said, after this morning’s meeting with her team, she now has one last silver CLCs with sunroof. I called her immediately to ask, and she said someone who booked a silver CLC last week from the same batch that hasn’t arrived, now they wanted to get a black one instead. Would I take it? It is the last silver one. I said yes, definitely. Now I have my dream car, at affordable price (25% discount),with a sun roof, brand new instead of demo, and yes it is silver!

When you set your mind to use imagination to manifest, all things will conspire to help you get what you want.

If you’d like to learn how to manifest like that by using your imagination, you can learn all the advanced techniques I use from my book Secret Techniques Of Manifesting And Creating With Imagination.


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