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The Power of Change (Part 1)

How often do you evaluate your belief systems and habits to see if they are serving you or obstructing you? Very often, a mental clean house is all you need to make a change in your life.

Perhaps you could decide to radically change your thoughts and beliefs, go on a mental diet and see what radical change you can create in your life? Give yourself the gift of a change.

Just a simple change in your daily habits can add up to become a powerful force that changes your life. Think, if you improve just 5% each week in any area of your life Р your health, mindset, career, time management, finances etc., what will the accumulated change add up to over the course of 3 months, 6 months, 1 year? You could make tremendous changes in your life towards the direction you want.

If you decide to stop spending 3 hours watching tv every night after work, and spend the time doing something else such as read self-improvement books, think how many books could you read in 1 month? Perhaps 5 or 10? I usually read at least 5 books each month, and that is on a slow month while I’m working on another project. How about spend time learning a new skill such as how to invest, or how to build a business, or how to improve your health? See, we have to take time to evaluate how we are spending the time in our life away. Do you want to count how many sitcoms and tv dramas and movies you’ve watched and how many hours you’ve wasted sitting in front of the box? That is exactly how many precious hours and days in your life that you could have used to do something or learn something useful. Time is an investment for a greater gain, or else it is poured down the drain for nothing in return. The choice is always in our hands.

We all need to write down on a piece of paper, the benefits of the new habit we’re planning, and the disadvantage of the old habit we’re trying to stop. This is the first and very important step. Without it your mind is unable to see the long term gain or loss of each habit. Without a clear goal and clear reasons, the mind finds it hard to make a decision. The most successful change is always followed by a strong “why” to back it up.

You have heard about the Law of Attraction. It not only works on the level of your thoughts. But it also response to your actions too, because your actions is a declaration of your thought and decision. It is a reflection of what’s in your mind. Faith without action, is dead. A very powerful thing to do to activate the Law of Attraction is to decide something and then follow thru with an action to symbolise your faith.

Stop and think for a moment, imagine the distant future. Imagine you’re 60 or 70 years old reflecting back on your life. How would you wish to have lived differently? When you come back to the present, realise that the choice is yours now. Only you have the power to change yourself.

Today I will talk mainly about changing our habits. I will be posting a follow up about changing beliefs and mindsets soon.


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