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Beta, Alpha and Delta states of consciousness

If you’re trying to manifest something, may I tell you the way to do it is not when you’re functioning in your Beta state of mind. Beta mind state is our ordinary state of awareness, when our brain is functioning mostly on left-brained thinking – analysing, observing and logical thinking. In this state, our mind is bombarded by many different thoughts usually on visual and auditory modes.

In order to manifest more effortlessly and easily, you need to access deeper states of mind.

The first, is the Alpha state of mind. In Alpha, you are in the border of sleep. We enter alpha usually when we are in  deep concentration, daydreaming, and when we are entering sleep.

And then we have the Delta state of mind. In Delta, you are in an even deeper state than Alpha. Delta state of mind is linked to our spiritual and creative energies. In Delta, we are in our Inner Reality. In fact, we enter Delta  when we are asleep. If you could train your mind to function at Delta at will, then you are learning to be awake in your Inner Reality. Delta is what some people call the Superconscious or Universal Mind.

Entering these different types of states can be trained. I recommend the ARVARI Remote Influencing (RI) course for those who are interested. This is a set of CDs using the latest in brainwave and sound technology to train your brain to function in different states of Alpha, Theta and Delta. What makes the Remote Influencing course extremely valuable is that it trains your brain to function in Delta. Check out the amazing testimonials for the Remote Influencing (RI) course on their site here.


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