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Developing ESP and Improving Your Health By Choosing A More Alkalizing Lifestyle

A few readers have emailed me to ask if they should make any changes to their diet in order to improve their sensitivity to telepathy and thought influence. Telepathy and thought influence are extra sensory perception (ESP) abilities that can be trained. Harold Sherman, a famous psychic wrote several books about ESP. He claimed he trained his mind to develop his ESP powers through practise.

There are many advantages of having ESP powers. ESP can be used in your daily life to solve problems, influence people, create opportunities and synchronicities. Our ability for ESP can be trained. In 1996-1999, I learned from several books on the subject of ESP that by choosing a more alkaline diet and lifestyle, we can increase our mental faculties and sensitivity to ESP such as telepathy, thought influence, etc. When you alkalize your body you will also feel an increase in Life Energy. Here are a few ways to improve your ESP powers and also improve your health at the same time:

1) Meditation: Many psychics and ESP practitioners will recommend meditation for those who wish to increase their ESP. Spend at least 5 minutes each day uninterrupted for meditation and you will start to notice more synchronicities in your life. I remember when I started meditating many years ago, I started noticing more ESP events in my daily life. I could suddenly think of someone that I haven’t met for a long time, and then run into them at an unexpected time and place. Or I would talk about someone and then receive a phone call from them within the hour. These are the type of telepathy or ESP powers that you can expect when you start meditation regularly.

2)Reducing stress and acidic thoughts: Stress weakens the body and mind by introducing environmental, lifestyle and emotional toxins into our body. Excessive negative thinking and feeling can make your body produce acid into your bloodstream, hence we often hear people say “she indulges in a lot of acidic thoughts”.

3)An alkalizing diet: This is by far the most important part of alkalizing. It has been long maintained that alkalizing your body is the way to improve your health and also to enable your mental faculties to perform better. When your body is acidic and under stress, you are unable to use your full mental capabilities. When your body is under a lot of stress, your bloodstream becomes incredibly acidic. If the pH of the blood is thrown out of balance, people tend to fall sick very easily. Foods such as meat, sugar, starch are highly acidic in nature. Green vegetables and plant leafs on the other spectrum are alkalizing in nature. While our modern diet consist mostly of acidic foods such as meat, sugar and starch, it is strongly lacking in alkalizing foods. Hence, most people take alkalizing supplements to neutralize the acid from their regular diet. There are a few products that I’ve been taking to alkalize, and one of them is the Garden Of Life Alkalizer and Detoxifier. It contains highly alkalizing fruits, vegetables, leafs and herbs to help your body neutralize the acidity that is resulted from our diet.

Another product I’ve been using is the Portable Alkaline Water Bottle. This is a bottle that enables you to make your own alkaline water from normal drinkable or mineral water.

I have also been using alkaline water machines at home for more than 10 years. About 10 years ago before I started alkalizing my body, I was constantly plagued by chronic fatigue because my body was too acidic. Fatigue also caused my mind to be foggy. Through certain dietary changes and adjustments, by adding meditation, relaxation and alkalizing my body with supplements and alkaline water, I made a complete recovery from chronic fatigue.

(Disclaimer: It is important that if you have any illness, consult your medical practitioner before trying an alkaline diet or product.)




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Using Intention To Prepave What You Want To Experience

Your power to change your future is in the Present Moment. This eternal Now is our only window of power.

Past, present and future are changed from this Eternal Now.

We can use our power of intention to prearrange what we want to attract or experience.

Your intention focuses the rays of creative energy to objectify a certain outcome into your experience. Every time you make a decision and send forth a new intention, you are changing future events and experiences.

Just last week, I visited a plantation and while driving the 4 wheel drive in the plantation, I saw a tree branch that had fallen on the ground. At first glance I thought it was a snake, but when I drove nearer, I realized it was just a tree branch. I told myself mentally, “I really want to see a snake. It would be nice to see a live snake. I haven’t seen one in years! I intend to see one.”

I let go of the thought and I went on with my business. Then about 30 minutes later when I was driving out of the plantation, there came a snake right on the ground about 10 meters in front of my car. It was a black cobra about 1.5m long crossing the path slowly for me to have a close look at it.

Every new decision and new intention you send out represents your Power Of Interference. It is your power to interfere with future events. Future events are shaped in the minds of men.

Every thought form, unless interfered with and neutralized, tends to seek to objectify itself. Future events are created in the mental plane first before it is objectified. That is how certain people who are sensitive enough to perceive thought forms in the mental plane are able to foresee the future. However, such “predictions” are not guaranteed to come to pass, because of the Power of Interference that we all have in the present moment.

Charles Koh is the author of Creating Your Personal Reality(available from amazon.com) and Secret Techniques Of Manifesting With Imagination.



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ESP mental abilities can be trained

There does exist a few people in this world that commands great psychic mental abilities. These few have strong minds that do cast a spell on others from a distance. Below is an excerpt from author/psychic Harold Sherman on an individual named Harry Loose, who was a detective with the police force. Mr Loose revealed himself to be a person with great and unusual mental abilities. In Harold Sherman’s writings, he wrote about the strange circumstances on how he came to meet Mr Loose, and how Mr Loose already knew Sherman’s name and background, and was expecting Sherman to show up. In another instance, Sherman wrote about how Mr Loose one day appeared in astral form to a hotel reception where Sherman was staying, relaying a message that “Mr Loose was here, I will see him again next week!” while Mr Loose’s physical body was taking an afternoon nap in his house.

Below is an excerpt from Sherman’s writing:

“There is an old mystical saying: “When the pupil is ready, the teacher appears.” This seemed to have been borne out in our case because, in July, 1921, while serving as newspaper reporter on the Marion, Indiana, Chronicle, I was assigned to cover the Redpath Chautauqua Program and to review the lecture on “Crime and Criminology” by the Chicago policeman and detective Harry J. Loose.

There was nothing in what he said on the platform to indicate that Mr. Loose possessed any unusual psychic powers, but when I felt strongly impelled to call at his hotel that evening and seek a personal interview with him, he astounded me by calling me by name and stating that he had known he was to meet me at this time for the past three weeks! He then explained that a highly spiritual woman, ninety-six years of age, who resided near Boston, had given him the equivalent of a college education while he slept at night; and that she was attracting young people to him on this lecture trip who had a potential for psychic development, who needed encouragement. He said she could “tune in” on the minds of such people as she mentally surveyed the towns he was to be in—and transmit to the ones she wanted him to meet the impulse to seek him out. According to Harry, he had been waiting in his room for me to appear!

There followed three of the most remarkable and inspiring hours I have ever experienced on this planet, during which Harry told me more about myself than I had been aware: He predicted that I would go to New York City in two years or so in pursuit of a writing career; that if I kept up my interest in the higher powers of mind, we would likely meet again in this life; but that it might be as long as twenty years, because he had a “mission” to perform and would be dropping out of sight for a time after his lecture tour was completed.”

Harold Sherman himself became a famous psychic from self-training, with Mr Loose’s encouragement. When Harold Sherman was old in the 1980s, he had learned the ability to make people with keen interest in the mind and ESP to have huge impulse to find him. This shows that mental abilities can be trained from practice and experiment.

Here’s another article about Harold Sherman who was the psychic who solved a missing person case.


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Mind Master: Harold M. Sherman


Today I’m doing an introduction and review of one of my favourite authors.

Harold Sherman is a famous self-trained psychic and researcher, author in the subject of ESP (extra sensory perception). Unlike other famous psychics who were born with their special mental abilities, Sherman discovered the ability of the mind to receive thought through a personal experience.

One evening in Traverse City 1915, he was typing on the typewriter in his home in 1915, when it got quite dark he got up to turn on the light switch. But as his hands reached for the switch, a distinctive voice in his mind instructed “Don’t turn on the lights!”. This was such a strong command that he stopped, and returned to typing without turning on the switch. But minutes later, when it simply got too dark that he had to turn on the switch, as he reached for the switch again the same voice in his mind yelled “Don’t turn on the lights!”. Then suddenly there was loud banging on the front door downstairs and he ran down to open the door. As he opened the door, a man at the door said “Don’t turn on the lights! There is a faulty live electrical line down the road, in the past 10 minutes I’ve been banging at every door in the neighbourhood to warn people not to turn on the lights!”

Sherman thought, even if he did turn on the lights, probably no harm would have come to him. But what intrigued him was that his mind received that man’s strong thought before his physical arrival and verbal warning! We all have strange hunches and intuitions like this happened to us one time or another. But Sherman was determined to learn how he could receive thoughts at will, and also acquire the knowledge of how to transfer thoughts to others. After years of research and self experimentation, he became better at it.

In the 1937-1938, he did an experiment no person had ever done before. He took part in an experiment in long-distance telepathy with the famous artic explorer Sir Hubert Wilkins. A few Russian pilots were missing in the north pole, and Wilkins set out on a mission to try to locate them in the north pole. Sherman remained in New York and attempted to receive thoughts from Wilkin’s mind everyday. He would then write down each day’s impression, and then post it to a few notary public who had agreed to be witnesses in the experiment and file them. At the end of the experiment spanning about 1 year, it was found that more than 80% of Sherman’s notes matched Wilkin’s diary. Below are some of the entries.

December 20, 1937:
Regarding Wilkins, SHERMAN in New York has the impression that “You have some rare wine offered yourself and crew tonight.

WILKINS in the Arctic records: “Blueberry wine — not bad!”

January 24, 1938:
SHERMAN: “You are out somewhere — I see smoke curling up from fire — three tents appear to be nearby.”

WILKINS: “Wood stove in radio tent, always smoking or steaming in low temperature. Two tents.”

January 27, 1938:
SHERMAN: “Strange as it seems to record, you appear to be dancing tonight — or listening to dance music by radio.”

WILKINS: “Played victrola. Some tango records tonight, first time since arrival in North. Also trying to learn Russian by linguaphone, but alone as usual.”

During same “viewing,” SHERMAN also noted: “A dog seems to have been injured in Aklavik and had to be shot — was injury sustained in flight with others — or something falling on it? Quite a strong feeling here.”

WILKINS: “Out walking — came upon a dog dead on ice — it has been shot through the head — thought about it strongly for some time, wondered reason for killing.”

February 15, 1938:
SHERMAN: “Large box-like, crated affair seems to contain motor you have bought to replace damaged engine.”

WILKINS:”Engine in large square box.”

Later in his life, Sherman developed his mental skills so sharply that he became a famous psychic. Even the police sometimes asked him to solve crime using his ESP abilities.

Besides telepathy, Sherman also used his mental powers to save his life many times. On one occasion, he contracted a certain deadly throat fungus that according to medical research, is incurable and fatal. His doctor tried everything, nothing worked, and he was told to prepare for the worst as this fungus is recorded in medical journals as always deadly. Knowing that his only hope left was to use his power of mind to somehow attract to him an antidote, Sherman set out his mind to achieve that. Everynight he would visualize that someone, somehow gave him the antidote that cured his disease. His only hope was that such a person exist, and thru the power of his mind he could draw that man to him – somehow!

Many months passed, and he had told no one about his disease other than his wife and mother. One day, he was invited by a friend to go to a seminar about the pyramids of Egypt. He was so impressed by the speaker of the seminar that after the seminar he had this strong urge to invite the speaker to lunch to further discuss about the subject of pyramids. The next day, while at lunch with the speaker, Sherman had to clear his throat several times. The speaker casually asked “do you have some throat problem?”. Sherman’s first response was to brush it off as nothing, but an inner voice in his mind said “Tell this man!”. So Sherman told him about his throat disease. The speaker then said, “do you have a pen of paper? Write this down”. He then continued to dictate to Sherman a list of things he ought to get from the chemist – so many ounce of glycerine, so many ounce of creosote….etc. After he finished, Sherman asked, “what is this for?”, which the speaker responded “this is the specific cure for your type of throat fungus.” “But how?” Sherman asked. The speaker explained that many years ago he was in Africa with a Japanese scientist, and the natives contracted this same type of rare throat fungus. It killed many locals, and eventually the Japanese scientist developed a cure for it that saved the locals lives. Sherman cut short the luncheon, went to buy the list of chemicals and brought them to his doctor. The doctor applied it on the fungus and the fungus shrivelled and fell off. So Sherman had used his mind to attract to himself to meet with this speaker who was the only person in the country that knew about the cure.

After stories like this, can critics still deny the existence of the Law of Attraction ?

You can learn more about Harold Sherman on a website all about him www.haroldsherman.com


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