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Your Power to Influence Your Reality

Your Mind is your Life. You as a creator has the power to change your reality. This eternal Now is your power of intervention. A change in intention and decision, sends out a ripple to your reality and changes the course of events. Your power to influence when backed by belief and conviction, is an unstoppable force which nothing can stand against. There is no one to change other than Self. To influence others, you must convince yourself first and foremost. You cannot stop creating because ┬áConsciousness creates. To doubt your ability to create is to self-impose a belief that you cannot get what you want. It is to create self-imposed limitations. You are so free to create anything, to the extent of creating limitations from your negative beliefs. To free yourself from the bars of limitation is to believe in a creative power that nothing can oppose. 2 weeks ago when I bought a car, I booked the last 2 cars available, and both were black. I booked it even when I didn’t like black cars, just because the promotion and deal was so good. But when I got home, I decided I really wanted silver. I used a special technique in my imagination to think that I have a silver car that I like. The next day, the agent messaged me and I was offered a silver car that suddenly became available. (Check out my blog from last week about my new car).


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