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Imagination Creates A Scene Exactly As Imagined

3525Today I would like to share with you a story of how imagination can create our future reality. And it can manifest even the specific and detail if you desire it to be.

Many years ago in 2005, an old friend of mine told me his story about using his imagination. I had taught him some of my mental techniques for creating the reality you choose by using imagination. So he took my advice and put it to practice. He wanted to get a new girlfriend.

For several weeks, using the specific mental deepening technique and visualization method, he put himself into a deep state of mind and started to enact in his mind a few imaginative scenes. The first scene, he imagined himself sitting in his living room, watching tv with his new girlfriend. Then the next scene, he imagined what kind of hairstyle he liked on a girl. He imagined she was slim, wearing a white tshirt, sitting next to him on the sofa, watching tv. So he did this in his mind over the course of a few weeks.

He was feeling frustrated at the lack of progress after 2 weeks. One day, he went to the library to read. He felt sleepy and he rested his head over his arms crossed on the table, and just closed his eyes. After a while, he was awakened by the sound of someone coming to sit next to him. He turned his head, and saw this girl sitting 2 chairs away from him. The first thing he noticed was, she had the exact same hairstyle that he visualized in his future girlfriend. He thought to himself, this is such a coincidence, just as he had been thinking about this hairstyle, now he sees it right next to him. After a while, the girl asked to borrow his pen, and they started talking. He wasn’t sure if he really liked her, and they started contacting each other as friends.

Well over the next few weeks, the girl started to come over to his house for tea and sometimes joining him for dinner. And they started getting quite close to each other. One night after dinner, he noticed a strange sense of deja vu. There he was, sitting on his sofa watching tv with this girl next to him. The girl was wearing a white tshirt. And on that particular night, she tied her hair exactly the same way as he had been ‘seeing’ in his imagination for weeks! And according to him, the girl was the one making the moves to get close to him all along.

In our mental lab, we create and shape our future reality. Make no mistake about it, when you imagine a goal consistently, you are remolding your world and the people in it. What are we imagining? If your thoughts are all over the place, there’s no focus to create a specific reality or experience. If you are definite in what you want, you can use the right techniques to pull you towards the future reality that you desire. If you seriously believe your imagination can shape your future reality, would you use it to deliberately create the reality you want?

CYPR-newSOMACWI1sCharles Koh is the author of Creating Your Personal Reality (available from amazon.com) and his bestselling ebook  Secret Techniques Of Manifesting With Imagination available from www.mindislife.com.


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Using Imagination for a definite purpose

IMG_3651textThere are many people who have had direct and conscious experience in creating something or achieving a goal by using the power of imagination. But as time passes, they start to think back and they start to question whether could be just merely coincidental, or something that would have had happened anyway. We must regularly exercise our power of imagination in our daily lives. The reason is this, if you neglect to use it, over time you will find your faith diminish. And as your faith diminish, you will find your will power to apply it to be reduced as well.

Recently, I was at the bookstore browsing at some photography magazines. In one of the magazines there was a section where they invite people to submit photos they have taken about a particular subject. They would select the top 10 and publish it. While I have never submitted my photos for any competition before, but standing there, I imagined my photo was published in that magazine.  I made a mental note to send in a photo. One day, I remembered a photo of seagulls by the beach that I had taken in Bondi Beach in Sydney, and I had a strong hunch to send in that particular picture. Before the end of the month, I emailed that photo to them, and in a hurry too, before I left for a trip. And due to my busy schedule, I completely released it and forgot about it.

After a few weeks when I came back from a trip to Hong Kong, I went to the bookstore again. By this time I had given up hope of my photo being published. I picked up a copy of the latest issue of that magazine, and flipping to a page, I recognized one of the photo to be my seagulls photo! Now I am not a professional photographer by any means, but that demonstration is truly assuring to me about the power of imagination and following one’s hunch.

I must remind my readers and students that if you do not practise your power of imagination regularly, you will tend to drift in your imagination. By drifting, I mean not using your imagination for any particular goal or any definite purpose. We often sidetrack and use our imagination to recall past events,assume unpleasant events, remind ourselves of current facts – instead of using our Creative Imagination to CREATE and MANIFEST the things we want. Remind yourself so that you will not fall into that trap of drifting. Exercise your power of imagination today. What do you want?

Charles Koh is the author of Creating Your Personal Reality (available from amazon.com) and his bestselling ebook  Secret Techniques Of Manifesting With Imagination available from www.mindislife.com.


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The True Cause Is Consciousness

consMany of us doubt that imagination can change our life. Even those who have experience in manifesting successfully in the past will sometimes forget the true cause of conditions. A few months or years after a manifestation, we start to think perhaps it was luck, or coincidence, or fate. We become the Doubting Thomas, we wish to analyse with logic, we need proof. But those who doubt will see no proof until he puts his imagination to the trial in their daily life. This is because the First Cause is imaginal, the unseen. It only seemed like fate or coincidence because imagination creates events to manifest the outcome you wanted.

We must not underestimate the power of what imagination can do. Just a little imagination can open doors to great wonders in your life. It can bring you to new experiences, new conditions and better ‘circumstances’. If you would  just dedicate some time each day to think positively and imagine the best, it can open up new possibilities.

Just do this exercise if you would. Take 10 to 15 minutes each day, sit or lie down, quiet your mind of all thoughts. When you have entered a state of quietness and stillness, then you can start imagining. You should imagine the best of every area of your life. Don’t think of how you are going to achieve it, instead just think of it as already achieved. Forget the ‘how’. Just imagine ‘what you want’. Think of that outcome and enjoy the positive emotions that you would feel.

This is exactly how I have achieved a lot of my goals in the past. This included manifesting my dream car, my ideal apartment, moving to a new city, and new jobs with higher pay. After you imagine the outcome, you are free to go on in your daily life. Certain events and people will come into your life. You have started the power of attraction to draw to you what is needed to create the outcome you desired. You are a point in the Universal Mind. When you change, you influence changes to take place in the the Universal Mind.

If you read my ebook ‘Secret Techniques Of Manifesting With Imagination'(STOMWI), you will learn about how this works. It all comes down to States. We jump from one emotional/mental states to another. How you got to that state doesn’t really matter. Right now you can enter any emotional/mental state that you choose. If you remain there you shall draw more conditions that matches the state to you.  But at any time you can jump out from the state and choose another state. Once you are out, conditions will change to match the new state. That is a law of mind. That is how consciousness works.

If you are interested to learn more mental techniques for manifesting, please check out my ebook.

SOMACWI1sCharles Koh is the author of Creating Your Personal Reality (available from amazon.com) and his bestselling ebook  Secret Techniques Of Manifesting With Imagination available from www.mindislife.com.


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Using Your Imagination For Good Or Bad, It is Your Choice

mind2A friend told me this story that happened to himself a few years ago. He suspected that he had used his imagination in a negative way, and had created an upsetting event.

One night during a stressful period of his life, he found himself trying to go to sleep but his mind was filled with activities and fantasies. One of the reveries he imagined was a colleague of his got mad at him and they got into a physical fist fight.

Then about 1 week later, one evening while walking home from work, a young lad asked him for a cigarette. He said “no”, because he didn’t smoke. Then the young lad started swearing at him with all kinds of vulgar words. They exchanged insults while walking further away from each other, then the young lad decided to run to my friend and started pushing him. A fist fight started as my friend had to defend himself. Unfortunately, the young lad’s friend came and my friend found himself outnumbered. Luckily, an older gentleman who was passing by with his wife, quickly went between them to dissolve the fight. The older gentleman then pulled my friend away from the youths, and the youths ran away happily thinking they’ve taught my friend a lesson. But my friend called the police and followed them. The police came, and the young lad that assaulted my friend was taken in to the station for questioning.

My friend recalled later that the young lad had facial features and hairstyle that resembled his colleague, which he had imagined getting into a fight with a week ago during his reverie. I told him this was proof that the mood and imagination had attracted the event to him. The police said the young lad had many past offences in their records. So he is not innocent. But my friend by using his imagination unwisely had attracted to himself that young lad who is a troublemaker and the experience was one that reflected what my friend imagined a week before it happened.

You may ask, why wasn’t it my friend’s colleague that got into the real fight with him? Well, if the colleague is a gentleman who doesn’t fight and doesn’t have a violent temperament, then the Universe had to find someone else who had the temperament to fulfill what my friend imagined. And surely they attracted each other.

The lesson of the story? Beware what you imagine when you are in a physically relaxed state. Your mood and imagination are creative and they have a power of attraction to put things together to create an experience that will meet you further down your timeline. This is the Law of Attraction.

More importantly, what can you imagine tonight that is good and lovely that you wish to create further down the road you’re travelling?

“Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” (Philippians 4:8)


Charles Koh is the author of Creating Your Personal Reality (available from amazon.com) and  Secret Techniques Of Manifesting With Imagination.



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The Law Of Assumption

Dear friends,

I have added in my youtube channel a new lecture by Neville Goddard (well, it’s really old, but new in the sense that many of you have not heard it before). Recorded in 1969 right after the moon landing, Neville Goddard delivered to his audience his concept of manifesting which he called The Law Of Assumption. This is one of the best of Neville’s lecture that I have in my collection.

To watch the video and listen to the Law Of Assumption, click here.

I discovered Neville in 2005, when I first moved to Sydney. Before that, I have had many successful experience in manifesting with my mind and imagination, but one day I had a question: Is imagination more powerful when I imagine seeing myself or imagine myself in the scene? One day I was in the Adyar Bookshop in Sydney browsing some books, and I saw a book with a simple spine design called “Resurrection – Neville Goddard”. I  felt compelled to open the book. I flipped it to a random page, and Neville was teaching me how to imagine. From then on, I was hooked. Within a few months I was dreaming of the golden liquid light in my spine that Neville talked about. I also developed lucid dreaming where I would be awake in my dream, and being in the dream as if it is a real world, knowing that I am asleep somewhere. I encourage anyone to listen Neville’s Law Of Assumption lecture and then check out the books by Neville below as well.


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Consciousness is Fundamental – Reality is Imagination condensed

Reality is an expression of Consciousness. Let’s have a look at what one of the great minds in the field of science have found.

Max Planck received the Nobel Prize in 1918 for his discovery of quantum theory. He believed that a scientist is a man of imagination and faith, by “faith” he implied “a working hypothesis”.

In 1931 he said ,”I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”

He said in 1944:

“As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

Planck saw that matter was an energy of vibration that is held together by an Intelligence, which is Consciousness (or mind). This parallels the view in mysticism that everything exist as a matter of Imagination, or Consciousness.

As an Imaginist (one who believes in the power of consciousness and imagination), I will add that the entire universe exist by virtue of Imagination. All matter and energy is contained in the world of Consciousness.

So how can we take something we imagine and turn it into reality? Simply by the fact that manifested reality is constructed from Consciousness. Without Consciousness, there is no force and intelligence to hold something together. Mind is the blueprint of reality. Matter is the building materials that is organized together by that blueprint. Since matter is energy held together by consciousness, then Reality is Imagination condensed to a denser vibration. In other words, reality is an effect of what was imagined.

“He calls on things that were not seen as though they were seen, and the unseen becomes seen.” (Romans 4:17)


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Your Imagination – A wild and unpruned vine

As we are moving along in life, we tend to get associated with events and conditions, and we start to think they are influencing us. We become hypnotised by the influence of outside events and we think we are powerless to change them. Thus we are swayed by them, thinking we are victims of conditions and events. But as you learn about the power of your mind to create and manifest, to achieve your goals, then you must come to the inevitable question, “who or what is directing my life?” The earlier you find the answer to this question, the better you shall be to use it.

One day you will find out who has been creating the conditions and events in your life. No, it is not an outside person. It is not an outside power or force. There is no Fate, no Destiny other than that created by you. It is not all these things. But it is your very own Self. This thing called “I” within you. Whatever it identifies with, it creates. It creates with its faculty and power of imagination.

When you find your Mind, your Imagination, you will find it a wild wild vine. Or as Neville Goddard calls it “an unpruned vine”. Your Imagination is shaped by your beliefs, and your Imagination determines how you feel. Your feelings are your vibrational tuner, it puts you into certain states in this world.

When you find your Imagination in the form of a wild vine, it is then your task to prune this vine to how you want it to be.

One day in 2005, before I went to sleep, I asked my deeper mind a question for the answer to be revealed to me in a dream. The question was “Who is responsible for the things happening in my life?”. “Who did it?” I repeated as I drifted to sleep. I fell into a deep sleep, and various scenes appeared showing some of the events in my life, and each of them, a voice told me “You did it”. Then in the end my vision was obscured by a bright light, and in my dream, I asked “Who turned on the light?”, and the voice repeated again “You did it”. I awoke and found the light to my room still on – I had forgotten to turn off the lights.

So recall in your mind, firstly your deliberate creations. Those things that were once a goal, and you manifested them. My most recent manifestation was getting my dream car. It is the car I’ve been wanting to get for years, but I didn’t train my mind to habitually think about it. But one day last year after writing my new ebook manual, I thought to myself “what a pity. Here I am writing a manual, and I have not used these techniques to manifest my car yet”. And I used one of the technique to appropriate it, and within 2 weeks was up, the new car was in my garage.

Here’s a (I like to think artistic!) photo of my new car I took outside a gallery building near where I live.

If you’re interested to learn all the techniques that I have used successfully, you will find them in my ebook manual titled SECRETS OF MANIFESTING AND CREATING WITH IMAGINATION”


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Manifesting A Dream Car Using Mind Power

It is incredible, but it is true. I will relate to you another instance how imagination is used to manifest what you want. Early last week, I was thinking about buying my dream car, a Mercedes C class. I imagined I was driving it, and used the speed up method as I described in my book. Frankly its been my dream car for years, but I didn’t use my mind power to attract one to me. I didn’t know how I was going to afford one, as everytime I thought about the car in the past, I would tell myself it’s out of my price range. But here I was, imagining I have the car and that it was mine. Then I forgot all about it.

Come Saturday, I was at lunch with my sister and mum, and I suddenly had this idea we should go check out the Mercedes Benz showroom. I had no intention to really buy one, because I didn’t have all the funds. I just wanted to admire the cars in the showroom.

While looking at different cars in the showroom, the salesperson came to talk about the features of the car. We were looking at the CLC, which is a sports coupe version of the C-class. As I was sitting in it, she suddenly said that all the CLC demo cars were on special promotion, and this is the final week of the promotion. She named a figure and it was indeed surprisingly low priced for a luxury car. They were discounting the normal price by 25%. It would include the car, the registration, the stamp duty and also the first year’s insurance. This made the car within my affordability range!

So I asked if they had silver or grey colour, and the salesperson said no. She said over the past 2 weekends these have been selling like hot cakes. They have sold 20 of them, and the only ones left were 2 black ones with sunroof, and a grey one without a sun roof. I was there for a long time, considering how I liked grey or silver with a sunroof, but all they had were black with sunroof. As their office was closing, I booked a black one with sunroof as it was the 2nd last one available, thinking actually black didn’t look too bad after all. Well they said the car will arrive next week. It will be a new car, but they will sell it at the same price as the demo. This new batch was meant to be demo cars, but because I book them before they arrive, I get them as brand new.

Then last night, as I was thinking about my new car, I deliberately imagined it was a silver one, instead of black.

This morning, guess what happened?! As I was getting dressed to go to work, I received a sms from the salesperson. She said, after this morning’s meeting with her team, she now has one last silver CLCs with sunroof. I called her immediately to ask, and she said someone who booked a silver CLC last week from the same batch that hasn’t arrived, now they wanted to get a black one instead. Would I take it? It is the last silver one. I said yes, definitely. Now I have my dream car, at affordable price (25% discount),with a sun roof, brand new instead of demo, and yes it is silver!

When you set your mind to use imagination to manifest, all things will conspire to help you get what you want.

If you’d like to learn how to manifest like that by using your imagination, you can learn all the advanced techniques I use from my book Secret Techniques Of Manifesting And Creating With Imagination.


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Imagination Resulted In Buying A New Apartment

Our imagination does create reality. 3 weeks ago while showing my dad around town, we were visiting a few new apartment showrooms out of curiosity. We found all of them were too expensive and didn’t have good views.

I recalled several years ago how I used to live in an apartment on the 34th floor in the city of Sydney with fantastic views of the city, and also the sea and mountain ranges in the far distance. My dad told me it is a good time to invest and that I should buy one. I said, “yes, I would consider if a great apartment comes along”.  I desired for a city apartment, located high up in  a tall building, with fantastic views. I used one of the mental technique which I taught in my new ebook manual “Secrets of Manifesting And Creating With Imagination”.

One week later, I received information from my brother overseas that he had seen a pre-launch for an apartment in my city with fantastic city views and they were selling the apartment to overseas investors. And the price of the apartment was extremely good for value and within the range I’m willing to spend for an apartment. In fact, I was surprised they were selling it at such a great price!

The very next day, I went to that showroom and admired the view. On one side of the tower, the units look out to the city, the harbour, the sea and hills in the horizon. I asked the agent which floor is still available? He told me level 25, 30, 34, 38. And I liked the unit on level 34 and signed the contract. Within 1 week, my imagination of reminising of the times I lived in my Sydney 34th floor rental apartment with great views and desiring one just like that, I now own a 34th floor apartment with great views that I wanted.

In my ebook manual, you will also read about the strange circumstances that lead me to secure the lease for the Sydney apartment years ago, all by using a special technique of imagination. In the book, you will learn 12 powerful techniques for manifesting and creating with your mind and imagination. More details here.


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