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Imagination Creates A Scene Exactly As Imagined

3525Today I would like to share with you a story of how imagination can create our future reality. And it can manifest even the specific and detail if you desire it to be.

Many years ago in 2005, an old friend of mine told me his story about using his imagination. I had taught him some of my mental techniques for creating the reality you choose by using imagination. So he took my advice and put it to practice. He wanted to get a new girlfriend.

For several weeks, using the specific mental deepening technique and visualization method, he put himself into a deep state of mind and started to enact in his mind a few imaginative scenes. The first scene, he imagined himself sitting in his living room, watching tv with his new girlfriend. Then the next scene, he imagined what kind of hairstyle he liked on a girl. He imagined she was slim, wearing a white tshirt, sitting next to him on the sofa, watching tv. So he did this in his mind over the course of a few weeks.

He was feeling frustrated at the lack of progress after 2 weeks. One day, he went to the library to read. He felt sleepy and he rested his head over his arms crossed on the table, and just closed his eyes. After a while, he was awakened by the sound of someone coming to sit next to him. He turned his head, and saw this girl sitting 2 chairs away from him. The first thing he noticed was, she had the exact same hairstyle that he visualized in his future girlfriend. He thought to himself, this is such a coincidence, just as he had been thinking about this hairstyle, now he sees it right next to him. After a while, the girl asked to borrow his pen, and they started talking. He wasn’t sure if he really liked her, and they started contacting each other as friends.

Well over the next few weeks, the girl started to come over to his house for tea and sometimes joining him for dinner. And they started getting quite close to each other. One night after dinner, he noticed a strange sense of deja vu. There he was, sitting on his sofa watching tv with this girl next to him. The girl was wearing a white tshirt. And on that particular night, she tied her hair exactly the same way as he had been ‘seeing’ in his imagination for weeks! And according to him, the girl was the one making the moves to get close to him all along.

In our mental lab, we create and shape our future reality. Make no mistake about it, when you imagine a goal consistently, you are remolding your world and the people in it. What are we imagining? If your thoughts are all over the place, there’s no focus to create a specific reality or experience. If you are definite in what you want, you can use the right techniques to pull you towards the future reality that you desire. If you seriously believe your imagination can shape your future reality, would you use it to deliberately create the reality you want?

CYPR-newSOMACWI1sCharles Koh is the author of Creating Your Personal Reality (available from amazon.com) and his bestselling ebook  Secret Techniques Of Manifesting With Imagination available from www.mindislife.com.


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The True Cause Is Consciousness

consMany of us doubt that imagination can change our life. Even those who have experience in manifesting successfully in the past will sometimes forget the true cause of conditions. A few months or years after a manifestation, we start to think perhaps it was luck, or coincidence, or fate. We become the Doubting Thomas, we wish to analyse with logic, we need proof. But those who doubt will see no proof until he puts his imagination to the trial in their daily life. This is because the First Cause is imaginal, the unseen. It only seemed like fate or coincidence because imagination creates events to manifest the outcome you wanted.

We must not underestimate the power of what imagination can do. Just a little imagination can open doors to great wonders in your life. It can bring you to new experiences, new conditions and better ‘circumstances’. If you would  just dedicate some time each day to think positively and imagine the best, it can open up new possibilities.

Just do this exercise if you would. Take 10 to 15 minutes each day, sit or lie down, quiet your mind of all thoughts. When you have entered a state of quietness and stillness, then you can start imagining. You should imagine the best of every area of your life. Don’t think of how you are going to achieve it, instead just think of it as already achieved. Forget the ‘how’. Just imagine ‘what you want’. Think of that outcome and enjoy the positive emotions that you would feel.

This is exactly how I have achieved a lot of my goals in the past. This included manifesting my dream car, my ideal apartment, moving to a new city, and new jobs with higher pay. After you imagine the outcome, you are free to go on in your daily life. Certain events and people will come into your life. You have started the power of attraction to draw to you what is needed to create the outcome you desired. You are a point in the Universal Mind. When you change, you influence changes to take place in the the Universal Mind.

If you read my ebook ‘Secret Techniques Of Manifesting With Imagination'(STOMWI), you will learn about how this works. It all comes down to States. We jump from one emotional/mental states to another. How you got to that state doesn’t really matter. Right now you can enter any emotional/mental state that you choose. If you remain there you shall draw more conditions that matches the state to you.  But at any time you can jump out from the state and choose another state. Once you are out, conditions will change to match the new state. That is a law of mind. That is how consciousness works.

If you are interested to learn more mental techniques for manifesting, please check out my ebook.

SOMACWI1sCharles Koh is the author of Creating Your Personal Reality (available from amazon.com) and his bestselling ebook  Secret Techniques Of Manifesting With Imagination available from www.mindislife.com.


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True Meaning of Blessed Are The Pure At Heart


Sometimes, our minds receive intuitive insights that feels like a lightbulb lighting up in our mind. It’s like a sudden Eureka moment. The moment of realization. Well just a few days ago, a new spiritual understanding came to me, and I would like to share it with my readers.

I wasn’t having a good day, I had the flu, slight headache, feeling tired after several meetings, and my friend asked me to go to the casino with him.

After a few hands at the table games, I was left with $200, from a starting capital in hand of $500. I was on the downside by $300. I noticed the thoughts running in my head were negative ones. Blaming, complaining, irritation, not at the game, but on other areas and events in my life. Thoughts of how others had treated me, how someone criticized me unfairly and the things that someone had said about me. As these thoughts played in my mind, my game suffered. I could not recover my game, no matter how careful I played.

Then at one point, I realized that my negative thoughts were putting me in a negative frequency, which reflected in my table game. I started to make an effort to neutralize the negative thoughts. The thoughts of how someone had criticized me unfairly was replaced by thoughts of sending him love. I realized that person in mind hadn’t always criticized me, in fact there were times he was very kind to me. I chose to focus on those times that he treated me well. Immediately I started to feel better. I started to disregard what others said or think about me. “Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and opinions are not necessarily facts. I can choose to ignore the negative comments, who cares what they think.” As I continued this positive thinking exercise, my emotions begin to lift. Soon, my mind was filled with thoughts of goodwill, appreciation, thankfulness, hope and joy. My heart was singing again. Then  out of the blue, this phrase came into my mind “Blessed are the pure at heart”. And suddenly, intuitively I knew its true meaning.

This was the new meaning: When we think thoughts that are pure in our hearts, when we feel good emotions towards ourselves and others, we are blessing ourselves. Note it doesn’t just mean “doing good” to others, but THINKING GOOD. As the Buddha taught, we should be pure, not only in action, but also in mind.

Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, THINK on these things. (Philippians 4:8)

As I immerse my consciousness in these thoughts, I suddenly realized that my flu symptoms had improved, my headache was gone, and within 30 minutes I was winning by $1200 in my game! My friend expressed surprised how fast my game recovered. So did I. Maybe less so. That night, I kept repeating the phrase “Blessed are the pure at heart”. Such a beautiful phrase indeed.

SOMACWI1sCharles Koh is the author of Creating Your Personal Reality (available from amazon.com) and his bestselling ebook  Secret Techniques Of Manifesting With Imagination available from www.mindislife.com.



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Using Your Imagination For Good Or Bad, It is Your Choice

mind2A friend told me this story that happened to himself a few years ago. He suspected that he had used his imagination in a negative way, and had created an upsetting event.

One night during a stressful period of his life, he found himself trying to go to sleep but his mind was filled with activities and fantasies. One of the reveries he imagined was a colleague of his got mad at him and they got into a physical fist fight.

Then about 1 week later, one evening while walking home from work, a young lad asked him for a cigarette. He said “no”, because he didn’t smoke. Then the young lad started swearing at him with all kinds of vulgar words. They exchanged insults while walking further away from each other, then the young lad decided to run to my friend and started pushing him. A fist fight started as my friend had to defend himself. Unfortunately, the young lad’s friend came and my friend found himself outnumbered. Luckily, an older gentleman who was passing by with his wife, quickly went between them to dissolve the fight. The older gentleman then pulled my friend away from the youths, and the youths ran away happily thinking they’ve taught my friend a lesson. But my friend called the police and followed them. The police came, and the young lad that assaulted my friend was taken in to the station for questioning.

My friend recalled later that the young lad had facial features and hairstyle that resembled his colleague, which he had imagined getting into a fight with a week ago during his reverie. I told him this was proof that the mood and imagination had attracted the event to him. The police said the young lad had many past offences in their records. So he is not innocent. But my friend by using his imagination unwisely had attracted to himself that young lad who is a troublemaker and the experience was one that reflected what my friend imagined a week before it happened.

You may ask, why wasn’t it my friend’s colleague that got into the real fight with him? Well, if the colleague is a gentleman who doesn’t fight and doesn’t have a violent temperament, then the Universe had to find someone else who had the temperament to fulfill what my friend imagined. And surely they attracted each other.

The lesson of the story? Beware what you imagine when you are in a physically relaxed state. Your mood and imagination are creative and they have a power of attraction to put things together to create an experience that will meet you further down your timeline. This is the Law of Attraction.

More importantly, what can you imagine tonight that is good and lovely that you wish to create further down the road you’re travelling?

“Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” (Philippians 4:8)


Charles Koh is the author of Creating Your Personal Reality (available from amazon.com) and  Secret Techniques Of Manifesting With Imagination.



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Freeing Yourself From The Fixed Routines Of Life

clockWe all want to experience something new, something out of the normal routine. We want to open up the door to new opportunities.

At the same time, most of us are slaves to our own daily routines. We wake up everyday at a certain hour, do the same things over and over everyday and keep on repeating it.

Yet, have we ever stopped and think for a moment – who gave us our personal daily routine? Who designed it? Most of the time, our daily routine is something we create unconsciously from repetition and habit. Yet we follow this routine as if it was something fixed or “how it is supposed to be”. It only feels that way because it has become a habit.

There is a very simple way we can consciously do everyday to experience new opportunities. We can start by a process that is called “Disrupting The Routines Of Life”. For example, if you always wake up at 8am everyday, try disrupting that. Sleep earlier and wake up at 5am to be able to experience the dawn of day and watch the sun rise. If you always eat at a certain cafe for lunch at work, try eating at a new place. Try taking a different route to and back from work. Try doing your grocery shopping somewhere else. Open yourself up to be flexible. It will make you feel different, your day will be more interesting and you will change the energy pattern of your daily life.

Someone once remarked online that disrupting our routine will mess up our life and our health. He said he tried sleeping at 5am in the morning, and that made him feel tired and sleepy the whole day from inadequate sleep. My response to him was “Change your routine intelligently“. You wouldn’t want to stuff 3 meals into your stomach all in 1 go just to prove that you’re disrupting your routine. Even if you did, what would that achieve? If you want to sleep at 5am, consider if you have work to do the next day first. If you want to wake up earlier, then sleep earlier. If you sleep late, you have to plan to make up for lost sleep.

Freeing yourself from the routines of life is an exercise where you deliberately disrupt or change your routine in a conscious and intelligent way without compromising or messing up your daily life. Just a few small changes such as what time you have lunch, where you have lunch, using a new route to somewhere you often go, change where you do your normal shopping, etc. It is an exercise to make you flexible and the ability to be unpredictable.

Now let’s think about this for a second. For example, if you always have your lunch at 1pm  at the same place, you have set your routine. Your path will never intersect with someone whose routine is to have their lunch at 12 noon or 1pm at a different place. Thus you have limited your experience and therefore opportunities. Because most people are on their own routine like we do ours, unless our routines intersect we would not have opened up the opportunity to cross path with people who may be crucial in helping us achieve our goals. Opportunities are out there, but are you free and flexible enough to even see it?

In one of his books, Carlos Castaneda wrote: “A good hunter knows one thing above all–he knows the routines of his prey. That’s what makes him a good hunter. A hunter that is worth his salt does not catch game because he sets his traps, or because he knows the routines of his prey, but because he himself has no routines. He is free, fluid, unpredictable. In order to be a hunter you must disrupt the routines of your life. A good hunter changes his ways as often as he needs.”  

The lesson here is that we should consciously live and be as flexible as possible. Once we blindly follow a routine, we are living an unconscious life, like a robot following a certain programming. This is a call to wake up and design your life. New experiences and opportunities await us at every moment, unless we are too busy with our routines to notice them. Break the energy of routine and unleash yourself to be free and fluid.


Charles Koh is the author of Creating Your Personal Reality (available from amazon.com) and  Secret Techniques Of Manifesting With Imagination.


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The Universe Tests Our Emotional Reactions

good-choice-bad-choicHave you noticed that if you have negative thoughts on certain subjects you will keep attracting similar events to create similar reactions in you? A person who is prone to anger will attract more situations to make him angry. The same goes with other emotions such as fear, hurt, jealousy, etc. It will appear at times that we are being tested on our ability to react, and whether we ‘pass the test’ will determine if we are free from relearning the same lessons again.

It is our reactions to the events of our lives that set our point of attraction. You are tested on a mental and emotional level all of the time. Your “I am” enters a state with each mental-emotional choice.

Let’s visit here a story from Robert Monroe’s book Far Journey. He described how one night he was doing astral projection and he was given a ‘test’ by his consciousness to experience an event. The scenario or event was created for him(in his mind) to experience, and his reaction observed:

“A huge white dog three times the size of our beloved Steamboat has him by the neck, the massive jaws firmly shaking Steamboat back and forth in quick jerks, Steamboat’s body already swinging limply.

(No, no!) I can’t let it happen! Is it really Steamboat? It is! He’s dead, Steamboat’s dead! I’ll kill that big son of a bitch, he’ll never . . .)



A huge white dog three times the size of Steamboat has him by the neck in massive jaws that are swinging Steamboat from side to side, Steamboat hanging limply.
(Steamboat’s dead! Dead! What a tragedy! I’ll miss him, I’ll miss him. Let go, big dog, I can take what’s left and …)



A big white dog much larger than Steamboat has him by the neck and is swinging Steamboat back and forth, Steamboat hanging relaxed, eyes closed.
(Well little fellow, if that’s the way it is, thanks for staying around as long as you did. We had fun together. You gave me a lot of ROTE that will always be a part of me…)

Still in the jaws of the big white dog, Steamboat raises his head slightly, opens one eye, winks at me, and grins.”

From the simulated event above, Robert Monroe was being tested on his emotional reaction. When first confronted with the event, he responded with rage/anger. When retested, he choose to feel depression/hurt/loss. The third time, he became wiser and he chose appreciation, gratitude and release. And he passed the test. The first 2 reactions created an emotional resistance in him, and he had to face the event again until he chose a better reaction. The final respond created a release and allowing things to be.

What frees us from the negative events of the past? It is your own thought reaction and emotional reaction to the event. Go test yourself every now and then. Be mindful of your reactions, especially to events that trigger strong negative emotions or negative thoughts. See if you can choose a better thought that will lead to a better feeling emotion. Once you find the right reaction that doesn’t cause any negative emotion, repeat the empowering thought/emotion while thinking of the event. This is a way to release negative blocks in your subconscious mind.

Charles Koh is the author of Creating Your Personal Reality(available from amazon.com) and Secret Techniques Of Manifesting With Imagination.


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The Law Of Assumption

Dear friends,

I have added in my youtube channel a new lecture by Neville Goddard (well, it’s really old, but new in the sense that many of you have not heard it before). Recorded in 1969 right after the moon landing, Neville Goddard delivered to his audience his concept of manifesting which he called The Law Of Assumption. This is one of the best of Neville’s lecture that I have in my collection.

To watch the video and listen to the Law Of Assumption, click here.

I discovered Neville in 2005, when I first moved to Sydney. Before that, I have had many successful experience in manifesting with my mind and imagination, but one day I had a question: Is imagination more powerful when I imagine seeing myself or imagine myself in the scene? One day I was in the Adyar Bookshop in Sydney browsing some books, and I saw a book with a simple spine design called “Resurrection – Neville Goddard”. I  felt compelled to open the book. I flipped it to a random page, and Neville was teaching me how to imagine. From then on, I was hooked. Within a few months I was dreaming of the golden liquid light in my spine that Neville talked about. I also developed lucid dreaming where I would be awake in my dream, and being in the dream as if it is a real world, knowing that I am asleep somewhere. I encourage anyone to listen Neville’s Law Of Assumption lecture and then check out the books by Neville below as well.


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Your Life Is Your Subconscious Mind Turned Inside Out

The conditions you are experiencing in your life now are the contents in your subconscious mind pushed out.

If you could turn your subconscious mind inside out, what do you get? You get reflections that matches your current conditions. Man lives in his subconscious mind, which is his Subjective Reality.

If a man’s subconscious mind believes in Lack, he can only perceive and experience Lack in his outer world. If he is experiencing abundance and wealth, it means his subconscious thoughts are those of abundance and wealth at the moment. The study of New Thought and Metaphysics revealed to us that we can change our conditions by changing our powerful subconscious mind.

The subconscious is our Inner World. Our Outer World is a projection that matches our Internal World. Our physical actions to change our External World are futile, unless we first change our Inner World. Right actions that produce results are actually inspired subconsciously.

The subconscious is power, the conscious is direction. In ancient times, the subconscious is called The Female Aspect, while the conscious is The Male Aspect. The female appears weak, but inwardly she is enduring and powerful. She has the power of influence over the actions of men. The female symbol is water – soft, adapting to its surrounding, yet the ocean and rivers are powerful forces that can submerge the entire world.

The male appears strong, but inwardly he is quick to change his mind and direction. The male symbol is Fire. The male must make his own decision and then slowly persuade and influence the woman into a decision. Likewise, the Conscious Mind must make a new decision to create new thoughts, in order to influence the Subconscious to change. It is said, the male’s drive for power and success is so that he can please the female. The male symbol is fire. Fire is quick to start and spread, but can also be wiped out quickly, especially by water. Fire can heat up water, but it takes persistence and time. Likewise, to influence our subconscious is like the male trying to win over the female. He must do so by gentle persuasion, consistency and persistence.  A man changes his decision quickly, but when a woman is finally influenced, she is slow to change her mind.

There are plenty of symbology for the subconscious mind. The biblical flood is a symbology of the flood of facts. The subconscious (female aspect) which symbol is water, has the power to flood your world with facts. We are submerged by facts (which we call “conditions” or “reality”) once it is set in motion. Once you are in the flood, you can only take inventory of your thoughts, keep the good ones alive in a place with 3 decks (the Ark). The 3 decks are the Spiritual, Psychological and Physical of our Being. Once the flood subsides, you are then able to create your world anew.


About the Author: Charles Koh is the author of the ebook Secret Techniques Of Manifesting With Imagination and also the paperback book Creating Your Personal Reality which is now available from amazon.com



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Thought Forms

 Many of us do not realize that when we think, we create thought forms. A thought form is a projection of mental energy . We are surrounded by our own thought forms and they constitute our own reality. Have you had a day when you are obsessed or preoccupied with a thought and you fail to observe the things happening around you? We all have, and we call it “preoccupied with a thought”.

What more, the next time someone describes something(such as “you know there’s a ramp that does a right turn (gestures with fingers), and then you see this round sculpture (moulds a miniature round shape with his hands), it’s right next to there(pointing to a point space while staring at it)” etc) to you in a conversation, watch how they point their fingers, gesture their hands and move their arm and draw things in the air while they stare at an area in mid air and talking to you. Sometimes they even assume that you are seeing what they are seeing. Yes, they are creating and moulding their own thought forms while describing to you. If you could make out approximately the size and configuration of the thought form, you could join in the fun and start pointing to areas in his thought form to keep the conversation going. If you made sense, he may say something like “Yessss, now you see/get it!”

One thing for certain, our thought forms are mostly habitual. We go around carrying the same beliefs, ideas, interpretations and concepts of things most of the time – unless we start to change them. The longer you have fed a thought form, the more energy you give to it, and it has a power of attraction to draw to you thoughts of similar nature. We even attract to us people who think along the same line as us, because of the inherent power of attraction behind thought frequencies.

From reading various case histories, it appears that thought forms can become ‘alive’ with intelligence itself. Ernest Holmes of the Science Of Mind movement wrote that “thoughts are intelligent”. Yes, thoughts being a thing of consciousness is intelligent. If you focus on a goal congruently and frequently, you are in fact charging it with the intelligence to fulfill itself.

According to Tibetian writings:

“Man is constructing thought-forms all the time, and is following unconsciously the same method as his Ego pursues in building his bodies, as the Logos follows in building his system, and as a planetary Logos uses in constructing His scheme.
     A man speaks, and a very diversified mantram is the result. The energy thus generated swings into activity a multitude of little lives which proceed to build a form for his thought; they pursue analogous stages to those just outlined. At this time, man sets up these mantric vibrations unconsciously, and in ignorance of the laws of sound and of their effect. The occult work that he is carrying on is thus unknown to him. Later he will speak less, know more, and construct more accurate forms, which will produce powerful effects on physical levels.” (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 786)

Yes, we must learn to think less idle thoughts, and to construct more accurate thought forms. In my ebook Secrets Of Manifesting And Creating With Imagination, my main purpose was to teach you various techniques on how to construct more accurate thought forms on a systematic and frequent basis, so that you are able to energize the very thought forms that can manifest into your  own reality.

I have found since I was around 20 years old that when you scatter your thoughts and energy with idle thoughts and mental ‘noise’, you will be scattering your mental resources. Therefore over the years, I have learned, researched, formulated and experimented with various methods – basically to come up with techniques that I can re-use over and over to achieve different aims. When I successfully manifested something in a miraculous way, I would go back in mind to ascertain what mental strategies I had used, and from that I create the techniques which I teach in my Secrets Of Manifesting And Creating With Imagination ebook. When you learn these techniques, you can still combine different techniques to suit your own mental style, capabilities and habits.


This book teaches you the various mental strategies and techniques that have manifested results. You will learn Secret Techniques such as the Associated Scene Method, The Touch Technique, The Rewind The Negatives Method and the Ultimate Manifesting Formula among many others. The author uses personal case examples and experiences to elaborate how many of the techniques can be used and what outcomes resulted from such techniques. Check it out now!



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Mind Master: Harold M. Sherman


Today I’m doing an introduction and review of one of my favourite authors.

Harold Sherman is a famous self-trained psychic and researcher, author in the subject of ESP (extra sensory perception). Unlike other famous psychics who were born with their special mental abilities, Sherman discovered the ability of the mind to receive thought through a personal experience.

One evening in Traverse City 1915, he was typing on the typewriter in his home in 1915, when it got quite dark he got up to turn on the light switch. But as his hands reached for the switch, a distinctive voice in his mind instructed “Don’t turn on the lights!”. This was such a strong command that he stopped, and returned to typing without turning on the switch. But minutes later, when it simply got too dark that he had to turn on the switch, as he reached for the switch again the same voice in his mind yelled “Don’t turn on the lights!”. Then suddenly there was loud banging on the front door downstairs and he ran down to open the door. As he opened the door, a man at the door said “Don’t turn on the lights! There is a faulty live electrical line down the road, in the past 10 minutes I’ve been banging at every door in the neighbourhood to warn people not to turn on the lights!”

Sherman thought, even if he did turn on the lights, probably no harm would have come to him. But what intrigued him was that his mind received that man’s strong thought before his physical arrival and verbal warning! We all have strange hunches and intuitions like this happened to us one time or another. But Sherman was determined to learn how he could receive thoughts at will, and also acquire the knowledge of how to transfer thoughts to others. After years of research and self experimentation, he became better at it.

In the 1937-1938, he did an experiment no person had ever done before. He took part in an experiment in long-distance telepathy with the famous artic explorer Sir Hubert Wilkins. A few Russian pilots were missing in the north pole, and Wilkins set out on a mission to try to locate them in the north pole. Sherman remained in New York and attempted to receive thoughts from Wilkin’s mind everyday. He would then write down each day’s impression, and then post it to a few notary public who had agreed to be witnesses in the experiment and file them. At the end of the experiment spanning about 1 year, it was found that more than 80% of Sherman’s notes matched Wilkin’s diary. Below are some of the entries.

December 20, 1937:
Regarding Wilkins, SHERMAN in New York has the impression that “You have some rare wine offered yourself and crew tonight.

WILKINS in the Arctic records: “Blueberry wine — not bad!”

January 24, 1938:
SHERMAN: “You are out somewhere — I see smoke curling up from fire — three tents appear to be nearby.”

WILKINS: “Wood stove in radio tent, always smoking or steaming in low temperature. Two tents.”

January 27, 1938:
SHERMAN: “Strange as it seems to record, you appear to be dancing tonight — or listening to dance music by radio.”

WILKINS: “Played victrola. Some tango records tonight, first time since arrival in North. Also trying to learn Russian by linguaphone, but alone as usual.”

During same “viewing,” SHERMAN also noted: “A dog seems to have been injured in Aklavik and had to be shot — was injury sustained in flight with others — or something falling on it? Quite a strong feeling here.”

WILKINS: “Out walking — came upon a dog dead on ice — it has been shot through the head — thought about it strongly for some time, wondered reason for killing.”

February 15, 1938:
SHERMAN: “Large box-like, crated affair seems to contain motor you have bought to replace damaged engine.”

WILKINS:”Engine in large square box.”

Later in his life, Sherman developed his mental skills so sharply that he became a famous psychic. Even the police sometimes asked him to solve crime using his ESP abilities.

Besides telepathy, Sherman also used his mental powers to save his life many times. On one occasion, he contracted a certain deadly throat fungus that according to medical research, is incurable and fatal. His doctor tried everything, nothing worked, and he was told to prepare for the worst as this fungus is recorded in medical journals as always deadly. Knowing that his only hope left was to use his power of mind to somehow attract to him an antidote, Sherman set out his mind to achieve that. Everynight he would visualize that someone, somehow gave him the antidote that cured his disease. His only hope was that such a person exist, and thru the power of his mind he could draw that man to him – somehow!

Many months passed, and he had told no one about his disease other than his wife and mother. One day, he was invited by a friend to go to a seminar about the pyramids of Egypt. He was so impressed by the speaker of the seminar that after the seminar he had this strong urge to invite the speaker to lunch to further discuss about the subject of pyramids. The next day, while at lunch with the speaker, Sherman had to clear his throat several times. The speaker casually asked “do you have some throat problem?”. Sherman’s first response was to brush it off as nothing, but an inner voice in his mind said “Tell this man!”. So Sherman told him about his throat disease. The speaker then said, “do you have a pen of paper? Write this down”. He then continued to dictate to Sherman a list of things he ought to get from the chemist – so many ounce of glycerine, so many ounce of creosote….etc. After he finished, Sherman asked, “what is this for?”, which the speaker responded “this is the specific cure for your type of throat fungus.” “But how?” Sherman asked. The speaker explained that many years ago he was in Africa with a Japanese scientist, and the natives contracted this same type of rare throat fungus. It killed many locals, and eventually the Japanese scientist developed a cure for it that saved the locals lives. Sherman cut short the luncheon, went to buy the list of chemicals and brought them to his doctor. The doctor applied it on the fungus and the fungus shrivelled and fell off. So Sherman had used his mind to attract to himself to meet with this speaker who was the only person in the country that knew about the cure.

After stories like this, can critics still deny the existence of the Law of Attraction ?

You can learn more about Harold Sherman on a website all about him www.haroldsherman.com


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