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Imagination Creates A Scene Exactly As Imagined

3525Today I would like to share with you a story of how imagination can create our future reality. And it can manifest even the specific and detail if you desire it to be.

Many years ago in 2005, an old friend of mine told me his story about using his imagination. I had taught him some of my mental techniques for creating the reality you choose by using imagination. So he took my advice and put it to practice. He wanted to get a new girlfriend.

For several weeks, using the specific mental deepening technique and visualization method, he put himself into a deep state of mind and started to enact in his mind a few imaginative scenes. The first scene, he imagined himself sitting in his living room, watching tv with his new girlfriend. Then the next scene, he imagined what kind of hairstyle he liked on a girl. He imagined she was slim, wearing a white tshirt, sitting next to him on the sofa, watching tv. So he did this in his mind over the course of a few weeks.

He was feeling frustrated at the lack of progress after 2 weeks. One day, he went to the library to read. He felt sleepy and he rested his head over his arms crossed on the table, and just closed his eyes. After a while, he was awakened by the sound of someone coming to sit next to him. He turned his head, and saw this girl sitting 2 chairs away from him. The first thing he noticed was, she had the exact same hairstyle that he visualized in his future girlfriend. He thought to himself, this is such a coincidence, just as he had been thinking about this hairstyle, now he sees it right next to him. After a while, the girl asked to borrow his pen, and they started talking. He wasn’t sure if he really liked her, and they started contacting each other as friends.

Well over the next few weeks, the girl started to come over to his house for tea and sometimes joining him for dinner. And they started getting quite close to each other. One night after dinner, he noticed a strange sense of deja vu. There he was, sitting on his sofa watching tv with this girl next to him. The girl was wearing a white tshirt. And on that particular night, she tied her hair exactly the same way as he had been ‘seeing’ in his imagination for weeks! And according to him, the girl was the one making the moves to get close to him all along.

In our mental lab, we create and shape our future reality. Make no mistake about it, when you imagine a goal consistently, you are remolding your world and the people in it. What are we imagining? If your thoughts are all over the place, there’s no focus to create a specific reality or experience. If you are definite in what you want, you can use the right techniques to pull you towards the future reality that you desire. If you seriously believe your imagination can shape your future reality, would you use it to deliberately create the reality you want?

CYPR-newSOMACWI1sCharles Koh is the author of Creating Your Personal Reality (available from amazon.com) and his bestselling ebook  Secret Techniques Of Manifesting With Imagination available from www.mindislife.com.


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Conditions are effects. Thoughts are the cause.

Hi all,

Something came into my mind and I would like to share it. Everyone should do well to remember this:

Things and conditions are categorised as effects.

Thoughts are the Cause. And feeling is the immediate result of thought. Feeling measures if your thought is bringing you closer or further apart from your aim.

Therefore, in your mind, pay no attention to conditions and how things are. Mind is the cause, therefore, use your mind for it’s true purpose – the purpose of creating. It doesn’t matter how things are, but it matters a lot how you think and feel. Thoughts and feelings can turn things around, because it influences your mental and emotional vibration that influences every area of your life.

Every thought that you think that is reflecting a condition that you do not like, is a negative thought. It is negative because it is perpetuating the condition that you do not want or like, and that itself is pulling you apart from your desired condition. That ‘fallen thought’ becomes your Satan, your demon, your tormentor, and it creates endless negative feelings inside of you. That thought is a ‘fallen angel’ (the description of Satan). But your Saviour is the thought that is focusing on the condition that you want. That thought is godlike because God being creative, calls things that are unseen, to bring them into the seen (Creation).

Are you counting your blessings, or lamenting that you don’t have enough? That affects if you are attracting or repelling the things you want. Are you optimistic or pessimistic about a certain area of your life? Do you try to see the good in every event, or see the negative aspects? You can learn more categories of mindsets that you can take charge of from my book Creating Your Personal Reality. In it, I teach my readers the 10 mindsets for creating, and 10 limiting mindsets that obstruct our manifestation. Just by making a choice in those 10 categories will shift our vibration, because, whatever you focus on you will feel and attract/create.

Every original thought and mental/emotional response has an immediate effect on your vibrational field. You are the master of your own fate.

Charles Koh is the author of Creating Your Personal Reality(available from amazon.com) and Secret Techniques Of Manifesting With Imagination(an ebook manual available from his website www.mindislife.com.)


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You Can Have Eternity Right Now

The Church and religious groups have been telling people that when they die, they will go to heaven or hell for eternity, depending on whether they believe in a certain saint, deity or god. And I have on numerous occasions been told by people who were trying to convince me of their religion that our life here is only a small fraction of time (say, 0.0000001%) compared to the Eternal life they will have when they go to heaven. Out of social politeness I would just nod and agree, so as not to start a religious debate.

If you really think about it carefully, how could religious figures tell us that our time on earth is only a fraction of time out of the infinite eternity? Are they out of their minds? They are telling people to stop living, stop enjoying life, and prepare for the ‘next life’ which they claim is eternal.

But Eternity is Now! Now is forever!

Eternity means without beginning and without end. Eternity is infinite, has no limits, no boundary. So how could you define “a fraction” out of Eternity? It is incalculable and illogical. You cannot say your life here is 0.1% or 0.0000000001% of the Infinite of time. If the whole has no boundary, how can you quantify the parts of the whole? It simply cannot be divided, because it is One.

Our concept of years, months, weeks and days is a man made concept to measure the progression of duration, and also to measure the cycles of planetary orbit and the stars. If you move far enough away from Earth, then years, days, minutes, these will make no sense to you. You can only say x number of earth days or earth hours. In the mental and spiritual realm, there is no Time. It is always Now.

“You observe special days, and months, and seasons and years. I fear I have laboured over you in vain. ” (Galatians 4:10)

Eternity is Now. Forever is this Moment. This moment, forever has been, and always will be. The time is always Now. Future and Past only exists as probable realities and in man’s minds.

Do you not say, ‘Four months more and then the harvest’? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest. (John4:35)

You always create in the now. You may meet your harvest in the near future, but when you create and believe, you believe in the Now. It will soon ripen and flower.

Yes I tell you that you can have Eternity. And you can have it right now.

Eternity is this living moment. Forever is our today.


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Beta, Alpha and Delta states of consciousness

If you’re trying to manifest something, may I tell you the way to do it is not when you’re functioning in your Beta state of mind. Beta mind state is our ordinary state of awareness, when our brain is functioning mostly on left-brained thinking – analysing, observing and logical thinking. In this state, our mind is bombarded by many different thoughts usually on visual and auditory modes.

In order to manifest more effortlessly and easily, you need to access deeper states of mind.

The first, is the Alpha state of mind. In Alpha, you are in the border of sleep. We enter alpha usually when we are in  deep concentration, daydreaming, and when we are entering sleep.

And then we have the Delta state of mind. In Delta, you are in an even deeper state than Alpha. Delta state of mind is linked to our spiritual and creative energies. In Delta, we are in our Inner Reality. In fact, we enter Delta  when we are asleep. If you could train your mind to function at Delta at will, then you are learning to be awake in your Inner Reality. Delta is what some people call the Superconscious or Universal Mind.

Entering these different types of states can be trained. I recommend the ARVARI Remote Influencing (RI) course for those who are interested. This is a set of CDs using the latest in brainwave and sound technology to train your brain to function in different states of Alpha, Theta and Delta. What makes the Remote Influencing course extremely valuable is that it trains your brain to function in Delta. Check out the amazing testimonials for the Remote Influencing (RI) course on their site here.


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Manifesting A Dream Car Using Mind Power

It is incredible, but it is true. I will relate to you another instance how imagination is used to manifest what you want. Early last week, I was thinking about buying my dream car, a Mercedes C class. I imagined I was driving it, and used the speed up method as I described in my book. Frankly its been my dream car for years, but I didn’t use my mind power to attract one to me. I didn’t know how I was going to afford one, as everytime I thought about the car in the past, I would tell myself it’s out of my price range. But here I was, imagining I have the car and that it was mine. Then I forgot all about it.

Come Saturday, I was at lunch with my sister and mum, and I suddenly had this idea we should go check out the Mercedes Benz showroom. I had no intention to really buy one, because I didn’t have all the funds. I just wanted to admire the cars in the showroom.

While looking at different cars in the showroom, the salesperson came to talk about the features of the car. We were looking at the CLC, which is a sports coupe version of the C-class. As I was sitting in it, she suddenly said that all the CLC demo cars were on special promotion, and this is the final week of the promotion. She named a figure and it was indeed surprisingly low priced for a luxury car. They were discounting the normal price by 25%. It would include the car, the registration, the stamp duty and also the first year’s insurance. This made the car within my affordability range!

So I asked if they had silver or grey colour, and the salesperson said no. She said over the past 2 weekends these have been selling like hot cakes. They have sold 20 of them, and the only ones left were 2 black ones with sunroof, and a grey one without a sun roof. I was there for a long time, considering how I liked grey or silver with a sunroof, but all they had were black with sunroof. As their office was closing, I booked a black one with sunroof as it was the 2nd last one available, thinking actually black didn’t look too bad after all. Well they said the car will arrive next week. It will be a new car, but they will sell it at the same price as the demo. This new batch was meant to be demo cars, but because I book them before they arrive, I get them as brand new.

Then last night, as I was thinking about my new car, I deliberately imagined it was a silver one, instead of black.

This morning, guess what happened?! As I was getting dressed to go to work, I received a sms from the salesperson. She said, after this morning’s meeting with her team, she now has one last silver CLCs with sunroof. I called her immediately to ask, and she said someone who booked a silver CLC last week from the same batch that hasn’t arrived, now they wanted to get a black one instead. Would I take it? It is the last silver one. I said yes, definitely. Now I have my dream car, at affordable price (25% discount),with a sun roof, brand new instead of demo, and yes it is silver!

When you set your mind to use imagination to manifest, all things will conspire to help you get what you want.

If you’d like to learn how to manifest like that by using your imagination, you can learn all the advanced techniques I use from my book Secret Techniques Of Manifesting And Creating With Imagination.


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Imagination Resulted In Buying A New Apartment

Our imagination does create reality. 3 weeks ago while showing my dad around town, we were visiting a few new apartment showrooms out of curiosity. We found all of them were too expensive and didn’t have good views.

I recalled several years ago how I used to live in an apartment on the 34th floor in the city of Sydney with fantastic views of the city, and also the sea and mountain ranges in the far distance. My dad told me it is a good time to invest and that I should buy one. I said, “yes, I would consider if a great apartment comes along”.  I desired for a city apartment, located high up in  a tall building, with fantastic views. I used one of the mental technique which I taught in my new ebook manual “Secrets of Manifesting And Creating With Imagination”.

One week later, I received information from my brother overseas that he had seen a pre-launch for an apartment in my city with fantastic city views and they were selling the apartment to overseas investors. And the price of the apartment was extremely good for value and within the range I’m willing to spend for an apartment. In fact, I was surprised they were selling it at such a great price!

The very next day, I went to that showroom and admired the view. On one side of the tower, the units look out to the city, the harbour, the sea and hills in the horizon. I asked the agent which floor is still available? He told me level 25, 30, 34, 38. And I liked the unit on level 34 and signed the contract. Within 1 week, my imagination of reminising of the times I lived in my Sydney 34th floor rental apartment with great views and desiring one just like that, I now own a 34th floor apartment with great views that I wanted.

In my ebook manual, you will also read about the strange circumstances that lead me to secure the lease for the Sydney apartment years ago, all by using a special technique of imagination. In the book, you will learn 12 powerful techniques for manifesting and creating with your mind and imagination. More details here.


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