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Imagination Creates A Scene Exactly As Imagined

3525Today I would like to share with you a story of how imagination can create our future reality. And it can manifest even the specific and detail if you desire it to be.

Many years ago in 2005, an old friend of mine told me his story about using his imagination. I had taught him some of my mental techniques for creating the reality you choose by using imagination. So he took my advice and put it to practice. He wanted to get a new girlfriend.

For several weeks, using the specific mental deepening technique and visualization method, he put himself into a deep state of mind and started to enact in his mind a few imaginative scenes. The first scene, he imagined himself sitting in his living room, watching tv with his new girlfriend. Then the next scene, he imagined what kind of hairstyle he liked on a girl. He imagined she was slim, wearing a white tshirt, sitting next to him on the sofa, watching tv. So he did this in his mind over the course of a few weeks.

He was feeling frustrated at the lack of progress after 2 weeks. One day, he went to the library to read. He felt sleepy and he rested his head over his arms crossed on the table, and just closed his eyes. After a while, he was awakened by the sound of someone coming to sit next to him. He turned his head, and saw this girl sitting 2 chairs away from him. The first thing he noticed was, she had the exact same hairstyle that he visualized in his future girlfriend. He thought to himself, this is such a coincidence, just as he had been thinking about this hairstyle, now he sees it right next to him. After a while, the girl asked to borrow his pen, and they started talking. He wasn’t sure if he really liked her, and they started contacting each other as friends.

Well over the next few weeks, the girl started to come over to his house for tea and sometimes joining him for dinner. And they started getting quite close to each other. One night after dinner, he noticed a strange sense of deja vu. There he was, sitting on his sofa watching tv with this girl next to him. The girl was wearing a white tshirt. And on that particular night, she tied her hair exactly the same way as he had been ‘seeing’ in his imagination for weeks! And according to him, the girl was the one making the moves to get close to him all along.

In our mental lab, we create and shape our future reality. Make no mistake about it, when you imagine a goal consistently, you are remolding your world and the people in it. What are we imagining? If your thoughts are all over the place, there’s no focus to create a specific reality or experience. If you are definite in what you want, you can use the right techniques to pull you towards the future reality that you desire. If you seriously believe your imagination can shape your future reality, would you use it to deliberately create the reality you want?

CYPR-newSOMACWI1sCharles Koh is the author of Creating Your Personal Reality (available from amazon.com) and his bestselling ebook  Secret Techniques Of Manifesting With Imagination available from www.mindislife.com.


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The Art of Mental Influence – real case examples

What exactly is mental influence? It is influencing someone with your thoughts.

There is a secret technique for mental influence. Not many people in this world know how to use it. ” So how does it work?”, you may ask. You can think a thought and the other person would be influenced by it and act according to it.

For example, I wanted to release myself from a rental lease contract this month. But according to the contract I had signed, I was bound by the lease conditions until the lease expires in 6 months. According to the lease, if the tenant breaks the lease, he or she is liable to pay up to 6 weeks of rent to the Owner. It was only 3 days after moving in, and I wanted to terminate the lease because the apartment had a pest problem.

And not only that, I wanted to be released from the contract without any penalties financially. I asked the agent and he said it was impossible for me to break the lease without paying a penalty as stated in the contract. I then contacted the Landlord and told him the situation, but he too asked me to forfeit my prepaid rent if I want to break the lease.

But before I slept, I sent the Landlord a suggestion to allow me to break the lease without any penalties. The next morning, he called me and said he was allowing me to break the lease without any penalties. His only condition was that I have to stay in the apartment until he finds a new tenant to replace me. I accepted his offer, as he suggested that it shouldn’t take too long for the agent to find someone as a replacement.

But 2 days later, with no news from the agent, I decided I would leave the place at the end of the week on a Sunday. I created a scene of me telling him that I wanted to leave on Sunday disregarding whether he finds someone else or not. The next day, which is today, he sent me an email telling me exactly what I wanted him to say. He said the agent has reported to him that it may take a few weeks to find another tenant, and the landlord thought to himself it would be fair for me to leave this weekend on Sunday (exactly the day that I mentally influenced him). There will be no penalties, no forfeiting of rent. Nothing. He was willing to let me walk free. I didn’t tell him in the Outer Reality, but he got the message that I told him in the Inner Reality.

In my book Creating Your Personal Reality, I described this method in the Chapter called “Oneness”. There is no separation in Mind. Your subconscious mind is interlinked with the subconscious mind of everyone in this world.

In another instance back in 2005, I used this method to mentally influence a tenant of mine. I posted an advertisement to rent out a spare room in my apartment and a university student applied for it. He came for an inspection and said he liked the apartment very much. I was asking for $215 per week, but he bargained for $200, as he offered to share the utility bills with me. I reluctantly agreed, because I wanted to avoid vacancies. We agreed to sign a lease within a few days after I had typed up the lease and for him to prepare a deposit and rent payment.

Within that period, I used the same method to mentally influence him that he should pay $215 instead of $200. I didn’t know I was mentally influencing him. but I had this strong intent to tell him that. In fact, I made up my mind to re-negotiate with him the next time I meet him to sign the lease. On that evening, I met him in the city. The first words that came out from his mouth were “Charlie, remember I said I wanted to pay $200? Do you mind if I pay you $215 instead?”

Amazed by his statement, I asked him what changed his mind? For I hadn’t said a single word about that.

He said, “I spoke with my mum over the phone, and she told me it’s better for me to pay you what you asked for, to have the utility bills included in the rent”. With that, he willingly signed the contract which I typed up and I gave him the keys.

When you do mental influence correctly and if the other person catches the thoughts you are sending them, they will comply accordingly. Not only that, they will think it is their own idea.

Every thought that you think is casting a spell on those around you. If you learn the right technique to do it deliberately, you can control this faculty of mind.


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Using Your Subconscious To Control Events And Mental Influence

When you train your mind to function at a deeper state, you can make your intents manifest at a shorter interval of time. When you have learned how to enter into that deeper state of concentration, you can give your subconscious an instruction and it will be carried out to the letter for you – in a very mysterious way. You can use it in such a way that you subconsciously control other people’s action and thoughts, to solve your everyday problems and to achieve your dreams.

It was the year 2005, when I first moved to Sydney to work, I was temporarily renting a room from a girl who needed someone to fill in one of her empty room in her apartment. Her name was Carol and her boyfriend rented the apartment for her, while he lived in another apartment. To help her pay the rent, she sublet the 2nd room out to make ends meet. I had an agreement with her that my rent also covered the utility bills.

When I found another place to live, I told Carol I wanted to move out in 2 weeks time. She agreed to it and said she would return my bond money when I moved out. But 3 days before I was moving out, her boyfriend came, sat me down and told me because I was not giving him 1 months notice, he was not going to return me the security bond. I reasoned with him that my agreement with Carol stated that only 2 weeks was required. He disagreed, saying she was “stupid”, and that he was the holder of the lease and that he should have the final decision. He said he would give my bond back if I found someone to take over my lease. He said he had been posting advertisements and notices in universities for 1 week, and not one person responded. Because I was moving out in 2 days time, I didn’t have any time to spare. I quickly put up notices in the city to try to get someone.

I affirmed that I have found the perfect person to take over my lease. The first day, nothing happened. On the 2nd day, I began to get worried. But I kept doing mental work, using various methods (you can learn some of the methods in my book Secret Techniques For Manifesting). That evening, a British backpacker called me wanting to inspect the apartment immediately. I showed him the place and he agreed to move in the next day – the same day that I was supposed to move out. And he agreed to pay $20 more per week, as I tried to help Carol out by advertising a higher rent.

But in the morning of the following day, when I informed Carol’s boyfriend that I have kept my part of the bargain to find a tenant to take over my lease, I asked him to confirm if he would be keeping his end of the bargain by returning my full security bond of 2 weeks rent. He said “I’ll talk to you this evening”.

That statement worried me. My hunch told me that he was playing some game and would not be keeping his end of the bargain. I was at my office when I called him, and I decided to take things into my control. Sitting at my desk, I went into a deep state of mind for a while and instructed my subconscious mind to “ensure that I get my full bond back tonight if he tries to break his end of the bargain”. I made sure my subconscious mind understood the instruction.

That night, after I moved my things out of the apartment, I went back to the apartment to get my bond back from Carol’s boyfriend. He was there, but Carol wasn’t there. So he said, “Tell you what Charlie, I have decided to keep your bond. That will cover for the utility bills for your share.” (eventhough he knew from Carol that my rent included utlities).

As I started a heated debate with him, suddenly an inner voice in my mind said to me:

“Stop arguing and get out of here. You have the money! You have the bond money from the British guy, and he knows you have it but he has temporarily forgotten to collect it from you! Stop the conversation and leave now!”

It was a voice I heard internally, as though my subconscious was giving me direct instructions what to do. Then I remembered, a day earlier, when the British backpacker expressed interest to move in, Carol’s boyfriend asked for bond money ( amounting to 2 weeks rent) from him. But the British guy said he needed to go to the ATM to get the cash. And as he went to find a ATM, Carol and her boyfriend decided to go out for dinner and told me to collect the bond money on their behalf and pass it to them the next day. But now in his state of greed to confiscate my bond and to break his end of the bargain, he has totally forgotten to ask from me the British guy’s bond money, although he has acknowledged to the British guy that the bond is paid! In summary, he thought he could swindle me of my bond money, while in effect he had forgotten to collect a slightly larger sum of money from me.

I followed my subconscious prompting, stopped arguing and left. As I was leaving I said “I won’t forget this! You think you’ve won, but you haven’t.” As I was waiting for a taxi downstairs with my bags, he came down arrogantly to walk to his car, thinking he had won. That night, I was amazed how the event had unfolded and my instruction to my subconscious was carried out to the letter. I now had my bond back, despite his intention not to return it to me.

The next day, Carol phoned me and she was very apologetic for her boyfriend’s bad behaviour, told me she would return the bond money to me herself. I then told her I still had the British tenant’s bond money which was more than my own bond, and I would return to her the difference.

If you recall the instruction that I gave to my subconscious, to synchronise the sequence of events so that I would get my full bond money back from Carol boyfriend who was intending to break his promise to return it to me. As the events unfolded, he developed temporary amnesia about the bond money that he asked me to collect from his new tenant on his behalf, thereby indirectly leading me to get hold of the bond money that he owed me.

This is an example of how mental influence works. Your subconscious mind can do wonders, it can protect you from dishonest people and make things right. It can help you solve problems in your daily life.

(To learn more advanced manifesting and mental influence techniques, and how to train your mind to go into a deeper state of mind, check out my book “Secret Techniques For Manifesting And Creating With Imagination”)


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