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Anthony Robbins releases his latest bestseller- finally!

book1Anthony Robbins, the world famous self improvement coach and best selling author, has finally released a new book. This is Tony’s first book since his book Awaken The Giant Within in the early 1990s.

The book title is MONEY: MASTER THE GAME: 7 Simple Steps To Financial Freedom

In this book, Anthony Robbins interviewed the 50 top investors in the world today and combined their knowledge for the average man. Robbins likened this book to Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich where Hill interviewed hundreds of successful men in order to model their success. In this book, Robbins models the best investors in our current world and shares it with the readers.

This has been a long awaited book, and I am looking forward to receiving it in the post. I have learned a bit about financial management in the past from Tony Robbin’s talks. Because he has coached or interviewed the world’s top traders, they admitted to him that even they (the top traders in the world) will lose 50% of the time! So if they can lose, what about the normal mum and dad traders investors out there?

The answer is, one of the ways he talked about is to appropriate our income into “baskets”. A certain % for savings, another % for cost of living, another % for fixed return investments( 5% – 8% returns…yes seems low, but they are sure and consistent, and you use compounding to work for you), and only a small % for investing in riskier investments. This is one of the things I learned. This is in alignment with a friend of mine who worked in an investment bank who told me “a good investment is one that returns around 6-8% consistently”. I thought it was low, then I realized higher return vehicles are too volatile. Remember the GFC of 2007-2008?

There has been rave reviews on this book. Please check it out here. You can see the table of contents, reviews and preview the book.

The book is so in demand that it’s already SOLD OUT in Amazon.com! You can go and place a pre-booking at amazon now.



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Abundance and law of attraction: Money game

moneyLast Friday night while walking in the city, I found a wallet on the sidewalk right outside a shop. The wallet was on the ground, with all the cards and contents strewn around. There wasn’t any money in it, but I felt the student card may be important to the owner. I took the wallet to the police station.

As I came out of the station, I my eyes were drawn to a $2 coin on the sidewalk. Well I believe when you do the right thing and you will be rewarded in some ways. This sets your point of attraction via action. Yes it is karma. But karma (which means action/reaction, and the law of sow and you shall reap, give and you shall receive) also works on other levels other than your actions.

You can set your point of attraction with your thoughts and words as well.

For example, a few weeks earlier, I affirmed abundance for a few nights. After that I felt like the concept of abundance is settled within, everywhere I went I found money. While walking in the city one night, a guy was crossing the street in a rush and dropped all his coins from his pocket. He was in such a rush that he told me “go pick it up, it’s yours”. I picked them up, about $8 worth of coins.

And another time a few years ago, I picked up a $50 note on the supermarket floor. Then a few days later while crossing the street, a $10 note rolled with the wind on the street to my feet, right in the middle of a busy 4 lane intersection! And a few days later another $20 on the floor right outside KFC.

I told my friend about my picking up free money, she didn’t believe me. Then that night, while walking with her, my eyes were drawn to about 20 metres in front of us, a $20 note on the footpath near the bus stop. There were a few people at the bus stop, none of them saw it. My friend didn’t see it either. This came at the right time to convince her.

Still another night, I found $2 coin and she said it’s a coincidence, and I was trying hard the whole night to manifest picking up money AGAIN to show her. Then after I sent her home and when I was walking home, my eyes were drawn to a folded $10 right outside a carpark.

In counted in the year 2005, I picked up more than $200 in total on the floor, sidewalk, street, ground, library lockers, parking meters throughout the 1 year.

Here’s the trick to picking up money. Each time you pick up money, keep them in your backpocket, or somewhere that you will not spend them easily. They will serve as reminders of money abundance to you. And the more you think about them, the more you will pick up. The more people you tell each time, the more you are attracting to you. Each time you think, talk, imagine it, you reactivate that vibration that will draw you you more.

Once I had a friend who believed me when I told her this. She bought a new purse to keep all the coins she picked up. Each time she picked up some coins, she will make it a point to tell me.  After 2 months, her purse was heavy with coins.  I once went to buy something together with her, she even picked up money in a busy marketplace filled with people.


By the way, Warren Buffett, the world’s richest person, picks up coins when he sees one. His concept is , with each penny you pick up, it is a symbol of  thousands of dollars coming to you in the future. Millions perhaps.

I know a lot of people do not bother to pick up money that they dropped by accident. If they dropped 50 cents, they say it wasn’t meant to be theirs, or they feel undignified to pick up such a small amount. What they do not know is, if you do not treasure or respect the small, it tells a lot to the Universe (and your subconscious mind) how much you treasure money. It shows your level of allowing and acceptance of Supply.

Why don’t you give this a try? Test yourself to see if what I’m saying is right.

What are you thoughts?


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