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Time Manipulation For Changing The Present and Future

Time is not a thing, it is a perception of your consciousness. Time is a perception of Consciousness as a dimension for linear storage of events experienced. The perception of time is (and must be) subjective. From the perspective of Consciousness, time is actually non-linear. It is simultaneous. The past, future and present co-exist in a parallel dimension in Universal Consciousness.

Since time is consciousness, therefore from your current perspective which you call NOW, you can influence and affect your Past and Future. That which we call Past and Future, are all probable realities that exist in consciousness. Our memories are not perfect, and we distort, generalize and delete memories. Reality leaves a lot to the imagination. Everything is open to interpretation. Every past event  (or shall we say, Memory of Events) is open to be distorted, altered, generalized and deleted in our mind when we replay it in our consciousness. The altered memories and the interpretation of meanings we get from our altered memories affect our current Now and Future.

Therefore, from our point of view, Now is the only point of decision and power. Each new learning, action, decision, intent ripples across your consciousness, affecting all time dimensions. For we are travelers in an unlimited probable universe, the only point of power is Now.

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Past and Future exist as probable realities

We are consciousness moving through a matrix of infinite probable realities. A change of consciousness at one moment of time causes a shift into another future probability that results from that change. The future is fluid, and it is being shaped by our thoughts in this eternal now.

We could, by going into a probable future in our imagination, recondition our consciousness and thus change our timeline to intersect and merge into that probable future.

We think of what the future might be, and we know it is all in our imagination, in the world of thought. And the past exist to us in the form of memory, and memory is in its very essence, imagination. We recall what happened years ago and events from our childhood, all in our own imagination. But in our mind we belief that this and that happened, because we remember it so. Yet in the field of psychology, we know that what we call memory is always personal, because memory is filtered thru our personal perception, observation, thoughts, interpretation and reaction. No two people remembers an event the same way. Memory is then a result of our belief. Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.

Furthermore, what we experienced as the past is only one version of the past out of the probable pasts. If there are probable futures, there must be probable pasts, because everything is fluid in the field of infinite possibilities.

This explains how when you radically change your thoughts, decisions and intentions, you can sometimes manifest results that arise from causations from a point before you made your decision. You pray for something and you get the answer instantly, which when you trace back the series of events, were caused by past motivations in other people. You may experience inexplicable synchronicities such as intending to achieve something, then you run into an old friend who could help you achieve it, and surprised to hear them say they have been looking for you for a few weeks. From your present, you have jumped to a different probable reality, a different timeline. Therefore, the past and future is affected from your present. Hence, events in Fiction have to make sense to please the reasoning mind, but events in Reality often don’t make sense.

We exist in a fluid reality of imagination. The intended future exists in the form of imagination, until it is manifested or expressed into the physical when the present meets up with it. And when the event passes, it returns to its original state of imagination, forming our memory in our consciousness.

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Charles Koh is the author of the book Creating Your Personal Reality: Creative Principles for Fulfilling and Manifesting Your Dreams


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