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The Universe Tests Our Emotional Reactions

good-choice-bad-choicHave you noticed that if you have negative thoughts on certain subjects you will keep attracting similar events to create similar reactions in you? A person who is prone to anger will attract more situations to make him angry. The same goes with other emotions such as fear, hurt, jealousy, etc. It will appear at times that we are being tested on our ability to react, and whether we ‘pass the test’ will determine if we are free from relearning the same lessons again.

It is our reactions to the events of our lives that set our point of attraction. You are tested on a mental and emotional level all of the time. Your “I am” enters a state with each mental-emotional choice.

Let’s visit here a story from Robert Monroe’s book Far Journey. He described how one night he was doing astral projection and he was given a ‘test’ by his consciousness to experience an event. The scenario or event was created for him(in his mind) to experience, and his reaction observed:

“A huge white dog three times the size of our beloved Steamboat has him by the neck, the massive jaws firmly shaking Steamboat back and forth in quick jerks, Steamboat’s body already swinging limply.

(No, no!) I can’t let it happen! Is it really Steamboat? It is! He’s dead, Steamboat’s dead! I’ll kill that big son of a bitch, he’ll never . . .)



A huge white dog three times the size of Steamboat has him by the neck in massive jaws that are swinging Steamboat from side to side, Steamboat hanging limply.
(Steamboat’s dead! Dead! What a tragedy! I’ll miss him, I’ll miss him. Let go, big dog, I can take what’s left and …)



A big white dog much larger than Steamboat has him by the neck and is swinging Steamboat back and forth, Steamboat hanging relaxed, eyes closed.
(Well little fellow, if that’s the way it is, thanks for staying around as long as you did. We had fun together. You gave me a lot of ROTE that will always be a part of me…)

Still in the jaws of the big white dog, Steamboat raises his head slightly, opens one eye, winks at me, and grins.”

From the simulated event above, Robert Monroe was being tested on his emotional reaction. When first confronted with the event, he responded with rage/anger. When retested, he choose to feel depression/hurt/loss. The third time, he became wiser and he chose appreciation, gratitude and release. And he passed the test. The first 2 reactions created an emotional resistance in him, and he had to face the event again until he chose a better reaction. The final respond created a release and allowing things to be.

What frees us from the negative events of the past? It is your own thought reaction and emotional reaction to the event. Go test yourself every now and then. Be mindful of your reactions, especially to events that trigger strong negative emotions or negative thoughts. See if you can choose a better thought that will lead to a better feeling emotion. Once you find the right reaction that doesn’t cause any negative emotion, repeat the empowering thought/emotion while thinking of the event. This is a way to release negative blocks in your subconscious mind.

Charles Koh is the author of Creating Your Personal Reality(available from amazon.com) and Secret Techniques Of Manifesting With Imagination.


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The Power Of The Conscious Mind

The Conscious Mind plays an important part in manifesting and creation. The main function of the Conscious Mind is to make decision and choices. It has the power of selection. We use our conscious mind to determine what we think about and also shape the content of our imagination. Whatever you do with your Conscious Mind, will then form a pattern in your subconscious mind. You are making an imprint on your subconscious. Thus, it is important that the Conscious Mind make wise decisions in order to produce beneficial results.

The Conscious Mind is the master of the Subconscious Mind. The subconscious acts as a manager or worker to perform the work necessary to achieve goals set by the Conscious Mind. But nonetheless, both the conscious and subconscious must work as a team to produce the right results. There is in reality only one mind, and Conscious and Subconscious are different faculties or functions of the one mind. we make the distinction of conscious or subconscious with the intent to better understand each faculty.


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