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Law of Attraction – How To Use It To Achieve Goals

Have you heard of the Law of Attraction? The phrase was made popular by the 2006 DVD titled “The Secret”

But in reality, the term Law of Attraction is not new, nor was it any secret! Those in the Metaphysics circle said “What? The Law of Atrraction is a Secret? What are you kidding me? I have books from the 1890s talking about that Law!” The reason is that LOA has been known and used for a long time in the New Thought and Metaphysics field. If you haven’t already known, within the New Thought and Metaphysics/Mental Science circle, the success of the DVD/book ‘the Secret’ is considered just another marketing breakthrough, not a spiritual breakthrough.

I believe Judge Thomas Troward was the first person to coin the words “Law of Attraction” in his books in the 1890’s. Troward was a New Thought teacher with a sharp mind and wisdom of a sage. Check out one of his books Wisdom of Thomas Troward. Probably his most famous book is The Edinburgh and Dore Lectures which made him a very popular author in the New Thought circle. Ernest Holmes is probably the most famous student of Troward. Holmes founded the Science of Mind movement. He was able to heal many types of illness by distant mental healing as described in his books. Check out his famous book Science of Mind here.

Troward’s idea of life is that there is a Mental and Spiritual Law that reflects in our outer life what we think and believe in our mind. Now Thomas was a writer and painter, and he went to India and became a judge.

Is it ever a wonder to you that poets, writers, artists and musicians who have trained themselves to use both sides of their brain, who are mindful about what they think about and what ideas come into their mind – that these are usually the people who know about the Power of Imagination and Mental Science? This is because those who know about the nature of the mind (in particular the subconscious mind- where writers and artists draw their ideas) know that the mind has untapped creative powers that can synchronize events and reshape our world. 

One of  Troward’s student named Genevieve Behrend wrote a book about what she learned from Troward, and how she was able to use the Law of Attraction successfully. Firstly, she used the Law of Attraction to become Troward’s first private student (Troward at that time refused to take any private students). But using the Law of Attraction, Genevieve Behrend was able to make Troward slowly change his mind and accept her as a live in student in his home. Behrend also manifested about $20,000 (if I remember correctly), which was no small sum in those days. Behrend’s books is called ‘Your Invisible Power’ and Attaining Your Desires.’

I first discovered the existence and workings of this law of attraction when I was 18. What happened was, it was my first year away from home attending college and I spent a lot of time contemplating about “Life”, and I practised the buddhist concept of mindfulness. The result was that I started to recognize synchronicities. Have you ever focused your thought on someone, and then keep running into him or her at the most unusual time and place? Or have you ever suddenly thought about someone, and then receive a letter or phone call very soon after?

What happened to me was, I wanted to meet someone I had not met for sometime, and I summoned my mental energy to that thought, and later that night I ran into that person at the supermarket. At first, I thought, what a ‘miracle’, I asked for a meeting and I got it! t was like a prayer answered.Then 2 days later, I ran into the very same person again in an ice cream shop near my house! (Note: Prior to that I had never ran into this person outside of University.) I knew it wasn’t by chance but an arranged coincidence (that’s the best definition of ‘Synchronicity’). Somehow, my focused thoughts about that person had attracted them into my experience.

If you still think it was all coincidence, let me tell you a real experience of Mark Twain (for those who don’t know who he is- he was a celebrated figure who wrote novels such as “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and “Tom Sawyer”). OK, one day, Mark Twain was looking thru his house, trying to find newpaper clippings about him from a certain date. He needed them as reference for an article he was writing, but he couldn’t find them. His desire for them was so great, that he summoned his inner mind to find them for him.

A few days later, while he was walking down a busy street, someone emerged from the busy street crowd and said “Mr Clemens!” (Mark Twain’s real name was Samuel Clemens). 

“Mr Clemens! I’m so glad to find you here! I am a great fan of yours and I’ve been collecting every newspaper articles about you for many years! And this morning, while in my house I had this feeling to give you some of these clippings that I think you may like to have! I was going to go to your house, but now that I run into you here…!”

He put some newspaper clippings into Mark Twain’s hand. Before Mark Twain could say anything more, the man shook his hand and left into the crowd. When Mark Twain went home to inspect the clippings that he got, he found that one of them was the very newspaper article that he had wanted so urgently days ago! This my friend, is the power of our subconscious mind and the law of attraction, if you knew how to use it.

This was exactly how I always got the exact salary offer that I conditioned my mind to accept, whenever I apply for a new job. Once, I had wanted a job that was paying $90,000, when my actual salary was not even close nor within range. I conditioned that figure in my mind for a few weeks, and at last I got a few interviews. During the interview, when I was asked how much I wanted, I said “above $80,000″, because the recruitment agent that referred me told me that position was around the $80,000 – $85,000 range. And what do I get as the first offer a few days later? Exactly what I conditioned for weeks – “$90,000″. Coincidence?

The same thing happened a few years earlier, where I was told by an agent “No, no,  your current salary is $39,000, to ask for $55,000 for this new position is too high a jump. If you could get $45,000 you can count yourself lucky.” But I really wanted $55k because I had thought one of my other friend was getting $55k (which I have to admit was my own misconception at that time. I later found out that he was only getting $45k, (:P) but anyway, it pays to aim higher). So for 2 weeks, I conditioned $55k into my mind with a mental technique I learned before. At the end of the week, when I received the only job offer I got, I was asked “How much do you want?”. I said “If I can get at least $50,000, I will take it”.

Five minutes later, the agent called and said “well he wants to offer you more than that. His offer is $55,000. How does that sound?” Well that sounds exactly like the law of mind is working. At that time, if I told people these stories, majority of them will think I’m a nutcase. In those days, the concept was – if you know something weird like this, keep it to yourself if you don’t want to be called ‘crazy’. That was a few years before “The Secret” was published. This quote below was what I believed in:

 “To double your income, you have to believe in your mind that you are worth twice as much as in your job.” Ben Sweetland (Grow Rich While You Sleep)

The power of our mind is the power of belief first and foremost many good and hardworking people do not go far because they do not believe they deserve more in life. The first step to success is to believe that you can, you will, you must and you are going to be successful. It is even better if you can believe that you are ALREADY successful or rich or healthy.

When I first read Ernest Holmes books(Science of Mind), I was amazed that he said our thought and words have such power that each thought (or word) has a force and intelligence to act. The mind does not distinguish between what is imagined and what is real. You imagine an event in your mind or say something to yourself in your mind, your mind actually thinks it is happening. Your subconscious mind goes to work to give you what you persistently focus on with feeling. That is why Emerson said “We are what we think about all day long.” It is the law of “Sow and you shall reap”. You sow a thought seed in the ground of your mind, if you water it with repetition and emotion, one day you will reap. This is the Law of Attraction.

Now that you have read the stories above (I have many more stories), do you believe in the Law of Attraction or power of your Subconscious mind? Feel free to comment.

Charlie (MINDisLIFE)


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