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The Art of Mental Influence – real case examples

What exactly is mental influence? It is influencing someone with your thoughts.

There is a secret technique for mental influence. Not many people in this world know how to use it. ” So how does it work?”, you may ask. You can think a thought and the other person would be influenced by it and act according to it.

For example, I wanted to release myself from a rental lease contract this month. But according to the contract I had signed, I was bound by the lease conditions until the lease expires in 6 months. According to the lease, if the tenant breaks the lease, he or she is liable to pay up to 6 weeks of rent to the Owner. It was only 3 days after moving in, and I wanted to terminate the lease because the apartment had a pest problem.

And not only that, I wanted to be released from the contract without any penalties financially. I asked the agent and he said it was impossible for me to break the lease without paying a penalty as stated in the contract. I then contacted the Landlord and told him the situation, but he too asked me to forfeit my prepaid rent if I want to break the lease.

But before I slept, I sent the Landlord a suggestion to allow me to break the lease without any penalties. The next morning, he called me and said he was allowing me to break the lease without any penalties. His only condition was that I have to stay in the apartment until he finds a new tenant to replace me. I accepted his offer, as he suggested that it shouldn’t take too long for the agent to find someone as a replacement.

But 2 days later, with no news from the agent, I decided I would leave the place at the end of the week on a Sunday. I created a scene of me telling him that I wanted to leave on Sunday disregarding whether he finds someone else or not. The next day, which is today, he sent me an email telling me exactly what I wanted him to say. He said the agent has reported to him that it may take a few weeks to find another tenant, and the landlord thought to himself it would be fair for me to leave this weekend on Sunday (exactly the day that I mentally influenced him). There will be no penalties, no forfeiting of rent. Nothing. He was willing to let me walk free. I didn’t tell him in the Outer Reality, but he got the message that I told him in the Inner Reality.

In my book Creating Your Personal Reality, I described this method in the Chapter called “Oneness”. There is no separation in Mind. Your subconscious mind is interlinked with the subconscious mind of everyone in this world.

In another instance back in 2005, I used this method to mentally influence a tenant of mine. I posted an advertisement to rent out a spare room in my apartment and a university student applied for it. He came for an inspection and said he liked the apartment very much. I was asking for $215 per week, but he bargained for $200, as he offered to share the utility bills with me. I reluctantly agreed, because I wanted to avoid vacancies. We agreed to sign a lease within a few days after I had typed up the lease and for him to prepare a deposit and rent payment.

Within that period, I used the same method to mentally influence him that he should pay $215 instead of $200. I didn’t know I was mentally influencing him. but I had this strong intent to tell him that. In fact, I made up my mind to re-negotiate with him the next time I meet him to sign the lease. On that evening, I met him in the city. The first words that came out from his mouth were “Charlie, remember I said I wanted to pay $200? Do you mind if I pay you $215 instead?”

Amazed by his statement, I asked him what changed his mind? For I hadn’t said a single word about that.

He said, “I spoke with my mum over the phone, and she told me it’s better for me to pay you what you asked for, to have the utility bills included in the rent”. With that, he willingly signed the contract which I typed up and I gave him the keys.

When you do mental influence correctly and if the other person catches the thoughts you are sending them, they will comply accordingly. Not only that, they will think it is their own idea.

Every thought that you think is casting a spell on those around you. If you learn the right technique to do it deliberately, you can control this faculty of mind.


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