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Consciousness is Fundamental – Reality is Imagination condensed

Reality is an expression of Consciousness. Let’s have a look at what one of the great minds in the field of science have found.

Max Planck received the Nobel Prize in 1918 for his discovery of quantum theory. He believed that a scientist is a man of imagination and faith, by “faith” he implied “a working hypothesis”.

In 1931 he said ,”I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”

He said in 1944:

“As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

Planck saw that matter was an energy of vibration that is held together by an Intelligence, which is Consciousness (or mind). This parallels the view in mysticism that everything exist as a matter of Imagination, or Consciousness.

As an Imaginist (one who believes in the power of consciousness and imagination), I will add that the entire universe exist by virtue of Imagination. All matter and energy is contained in the world of Consciousness.

So how can we take something we imagine and turn it into reality? Simply by the fact that manifested reality is constructed from Consciousness. Without Consciousness, there is no force and intelligence to hold something together. Mind is the blueprint of reality. Matter is the building materials that is organized together by that blueprint. Since matter is energy held together by consciousness, then Reality is Imagination condensed to a denser vibration. In other words, reality is an effect of what was imagined.

“He calls on things that were not seen as though they were seen, and the unseen becomes seen.” (Romans 4:17)


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Worlds Coincide

There are instances in life when our inner world can coincide with our outer world. Dreams of fancy can be visible to sensitive eyes. Every thought form projected from the mind is made up of thought energy that exist in varying intensity. We often read from writings of artists, writers, poets having such strange experiences because they are accustomed to training their mind to function in states of deep concentration and focus.

Below are 2 experiences from writer and poet William Butler Yeats which describes instances where the World Of Imagination coincide with the Physical World:

“Some years afterwards I was staying with some friends in Paris. I had got up before breakfast and gone out to buy a newspaper. I had noticed the servant, a girl who had come from the country some years before, laying the table for breakfast. As I had passed her I had been telling myself one of those long foolish tales which one tells only to oneself. If something had happened that had not happened, I would have hurt my arm, I thought. I saw myself with my arm in a sling in the middle of some childish adventures. I returned with the newspaper and met my host and hostess in the door. The moment they saw me they cried out, ‘Why, the bonne has just told us you had your arm in a sling. We thought something must have happened to you last night, that you had been run over maybe’–or some such words. I had been dining out at the other end of Paris, and had come in after everybody had gone to bed. I had cast my imagination so strongly upon the servant that she had seen it, and with what had appeared to be more than the mind’s eye.

One afternoon, about the same time, I was thinking very intently of a certain fellow-student for whom I had a message, which I hesitated about writing. In a couple of days I got a letter from a place some hundreds of miles away where that student was. On the afternoon when I had been thinking so intently I had suddenly appeared there amid a crowd of people in a hotel and as seeming solid as if in the flesh. My fellow-student had seen me, but no one else, and had asked me to come again when the people had gone. I had vanished, but had come again in the middle of the night and given the message. I myself had no knowledge of casting an imagination upon one so far away.

I could tell of stranger images, of stranger enchantments, of stranger imaginations, cast consciously or unconsciously over as great distances by friends or by myself, were it not that the greater energies of the mind seldom break forth but when the deeps are loosened.”


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Past and Future exist as probable realities

We are consciousness moving through a matrix of infinite probable realities. A change of consciousness at one moment of time causes a shift into another future probability that results from that change. The future is fluid, and it is being shaped by our thoughts in this eternal now.

We could, by going into a probable future in our imagination, recondition our consciousness and thus change our timeline to intersect and merge into that probable future.

We think of what the future might be, and we know it is all in our imagination, in the world of thought. And the past exist to us in the form of memory, and memory is in its very essence, imagination. We recall what happened years ago and events from our childhood, all in our own imagination. But in our mind we belief that this and that happened, because we remember it so. Yet in the field of psychology, we know that what we call memory is always personal, because memory is filtered thru our personal perception, observation, thoughts, interpretation and reaction. No two people remembers an event the same way. Memory is then a result of our belief. Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.

Furthermore, what we experienced as the past is only one version of the past out of the probable pasts. If there are probable futures, there must be probable pasts, because everything is fluid in the field of infinite possibilities.

This explains how when you radically change your thoughts, decisions and intentions, you can sometimes manifest results that arise from causations from a point before you made your decision. You pray for something and you get the answer instantly, which when you trace back the series of events, were caused by past motivations in other people. You may experience inexplicable synchronicities such as intending to achieve something, then you run into an old friend who could help you achieve it, and surprised to hear them say they have been looking for you for a few weeks. From your present, you have jumped to a different probable reality, a different timeline. Therefore, the past and future is affected from your present. Hence, events in Fiction have to make sense to please the reasoning mind, but events in Reality often don’t make sense.

We exist in a fluid reality of imagination. The intended future exists in the form of imagination, until it is manifested or expressed into the physical when the present meets up with it. And when the event passes, it returns to its original state of imagination, forming our memory in our consciousness.

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Charles Koh is the author of the book Creating Your Personal Reality: Creative Principles for Fulfilling and Manifesting Your Dreams


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