L. M from United Kingdom sent us a feedback on our book ‘Secret Techniques For Manifesting And Creating With Imagination’ on November 22, 2010:

What an inspirational and uplifting book! I am so relieved to know that there is a solution to all my problems. This book has changed the way I think and feel but most of all, it make me realise that my dreams are achievable. These techniques has restored my self confidence and given me a practical tool to channel my thoughts into positive results. I truly feel stronger, happier and totally in charge of my life now! Thank you.-L. M., London


Andrew M. from Sydney, Australia sent us a testimonial for ‘Secret Techniques For Manifesting And Creating With Imagination’ on November 16 2011: 

Hi Charlie just wanted to say that I think your book is one of the best books on Law of Attraction. I’ve been aware of the subject of Law of Attraction since around early 2000, long before the Secret movie came out. I’ve explored so many different works of different authors. I found that very often, writers and coaches of the Law of Attraction discuss how the theory should work, but they do not provide concrete examples how it would happen in real life. Your book is different. It’s how you provide genuine and clear examples that makes your work stand out from the rest. These examples have tremendously helped me in my personal exploration on the subject. Thank you for your work!


M. D. from USA sent us a testimonial for my book Creating Your Personal Reality on March 3 2012: 

Thank you for your wonderful new book. It has taught me to how to release my resistant thoughts that used to plague me in the form of negative beliefs in the past. For example, your explanation of the principles helped me to no longer see lack, loss or competition among others. If I ever catch myself thinking negatively, I can quickly cure it with your creative and empowering mindsets.
Your explanation of those creative mindsets and how they manifest are truly amazing. Each mindset manifests it’s own nature! I now understand how years of carrying around mindsets of Loss, Lack, Competition, Wrong Action was manifesting the stuff I didn’t want. Now I know how to conquer and substitute them! And as soon as the resistant thoughts and feelings disappear, the situation improves and manifestation comes very naturally!
Marius (m.opran@yahoo.com) sent us a feedback on March 9, 2012.
Thanks for the great site mindislife … don’t know what else to say but ya, keep up the good work, what you speak about are eternal truths which unfortunately have been ignored in our ‘modern’ society.
Tino Barbati sent us a feedback on August 17, 2012 for our ebook ‘Manifesting Money’.
This book is exactly what the world needs today.   Education or vocation it doesn’t matter, we can’t wait for governments to create our individual or collective economies.  Contained in the pages of this concise & easy book or manual are the basic and fundamental laws that not everyone is aware of.  Yet, for those readers who are not familiar with these truths, the message “Charles Koh” the author includes are simple, easy to follow and instructive.   I personally found the book very affirming and has been a great reminder to myself and to anyone who understands something about these principals which have always existed.
Kay sent us this message on August 29, 2012:
Hi Charles, just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know that I LOVE this Mind Is Life site. Consciously, I have grown leaps and bounds since discovering this site. Thank you so much! Keep ’em coming!
In 2006 I taught a lady named Jill my Portal of Light visualization method in a discussion forum. Jill sent me this message that she used the visualization and reduce her daughter Cindy’s liver and lung tumors by 50%. This testimonial was extracted from Jill’s response to me from 2006. The Portal Of Light method is included in my ebook ‘Secret Techniques For Manifesting And Creating With Imagination’
I just got thru talking to my daughter and the news is just great.  She got her latest scan results today and I quote:  “The overall tumor load has decreased from 20 to 50%.”  I don’t know what that means but it sure sounds good, doesn’t it.  “The individual tumors have shrunk 50%  and one or two have shrunk by 60%”…”and this applies both to the lungs and the liver.”Charlie, you expressed surprise that your light beam visualization was so powerful.  There was an enormous amount of stuff packed into that little visualization. This light was off in the distance and I “heard” this voice saying, “Go to the light and you will be healed.”  I did and I was.   That night when I lay in bed I turned immediately to the light which was still in the distance.  And it was the same light, in the same place, and I could tell IT HAD BEEN WAITING FOR ME.  As I walked toward the light I knew that it was gonna give me what I wanted.  I KNEW THAT.  Then, I don’t remember exactly how I got Cindy in the picture but she was directly under the beam and it followed her everywhere she went.  In your note you used several phrases that were Very Important.  One was”imagine {beyond the portal} is immense brilliant light.”  “the light beyond that portal is divine perfect healing energy, a world filled with just infinite, endless light, everything the light touches is perfectly healed”  “Just forget all ideas of sickness..””{the light} has no concept of disease, therefore will fade away anything unlike itself.”  During my visualizing my  whole being was focused–not on Cindy and not on her illness and not even on the light beam itself.  I was totally focused on that “immense, brilliant light BEYOND the portal.  I could SEE BEYOND the portal  and I KNEW this was the love and the power of God and nothing evil or unclean could exist beyond this portal and every iota of love and power Beyond the portal was now pouring down onto Cindy in the form of that powerful search light.   That is the best that I can explain it. – Jill
(Note: As a legal disclaimer, we do not claim that this method will work for everyone. The reviewer Jill decided to use it to try improve her daughter’s condition as an experiment. We only publish the feedbacks we receive. If you are unwell, please seek medical advise from your medical practitioner.)
Youtube user suncityheat commented on one of our videos in youtube on 25th Nov 2012:
Thank you for sharing this beautiful video. Metaphysics is my passion. It started by reading James Allen book, As A Man Thinketh.. When I finished reading it I said out loud, “now I know why”. My life then was going nowhere. My life is great compared to what it was, but there is this feeling I can’t get away from, and that is studying metaphysics. Can you please tell me the name of the song, and who plays it? I wish you continued success, I’m going to subscribe to your website. Thank You!!
Girish commented on our website on 28th June 2013:
Thank you!!

I have been on spiritual journey for some time now. I’ am getting clear about the Cause and Effect relationship.To address the problems in your physical world, you need to change your thinking and feeling pattern.
Madeline B. from USA sent us a feedback on our book ‘Secret Techniques For Manifesting And Creating With Imagination’ on July 1, 2013:
I would highly recommend this e-book to anyone who has an interest in exploring the powers of the mind and the Law of Attraction. I am a very analytical and logical person & have found that this has been a downfall for me in the past when trying to do mental work. Charles’ book has a very practical approach and therefore resonated with me much more than the many other books I had previously read. I have already noticed many small synchronicities since employing the techniques outlined in the book and I am confident that they are but a sign
of a bigger shift that is underway!Thanks,Madeline
Bill K. sent us a message of appreciation on Dec 26, 2013:
Appreciate your work . I believe this type of  awareness is coming closer to the mass media, but it still has a few years to go. I’m glad I was part of the conscious movement before it comes mainstream.
Krishna sent us a testimonial on Jan 25, 2015:
Hi Charles, I LOVED YOUR BOOK. I read your book in one sitting. I’m going to be doing Method 1 and method 12. My dream is to become an actor.Kind regards