The luminous thought energy balls

• April 4, 2010 • Comments (0)

After a stressful and hectic week, I had a bad case of flu over the easter weekend. Spent the weekend in bed drifting in and out of sleep. My body was tired, but my mind had enough rest. So as I drifted in and out of sleep, I was in a state of reverie.

I recall this happened in one of them. I was in the great stillness in my mind, and suddenly bright multicoloured light energy balls appeared in the scene. In curiosity I reached out to one of them. As I touched that energy ball, a past event in my life flashed before my mind. Instantly the whole event and its effects on my thoughts, feelings, psychology, beliefs all replayed itself- the event and my reactions to the event flashed in my consciousness in its entirety in an instant. As I pulled myself back and disassociated myself from it, I could see many floating luminous light balls of thought. Touching another thought ball lightly accessed another memory.

It is then I understand these are the thought balls that the author Robert Monroe (the author of Out of Body Experience and Far Journeys) talked about. He called them ROTE (thought ball/thought energy/a packet of thought/total memory/information ball).

The next thought ball that I touched opened up a memory from many years ago, and the memory was one that I wished I could have elicited very different actions from me. But this time as the event replayed itself in my mind, I was actually there. I was in the thought ball reality as if it was happening. This time I changed my action to one that satisfied me. I changed it. As I got out of it it felt different. The event had changed. And I suddenly awoke.


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